Wellness Diaries: Beat The Bloat

True story: Back in August I was going to a wedding and had bought a dress. 3 days before the event I couldn't fit in the dress (It did fit me fine a week before. I literally looked like I was a sponge and had swelled up with water (retaining extra water is linked to your menstrual cycle) and the dress wouldn't zip up! I searched the internet high and low and tried a whole bunch of de-bloating stuff. A day later I was fine and the dress fit like a glove. I felt even better because all that extra fluid I was carrying around had left. 

Current Loves: Kayennat's Summer Edition

 It's been a while since I've done one of these so I thought I'll do one for thing's I've been loving this past Summer. We are now well into Winter, we seem to have skipped Autumn here in the UK.

Beauty and Skincare Loves

Facial Oils: Love waking up with baby butt soft skin 
I really don't know why people bother with night cream!
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick: Gives such perfect looking skin
Illamasqua Blushers: Love 
Getting dolled up: I have so many lazy looking like a tramp days that I really enjoy getting made up to go out. 
Nails: Been absolutely loving doing my nails (Hubby doesn't feel the same, he thinks nail polish looks like poop. Is that a general guy feeling? Other guys have also told me they don't like nail polish). 

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick: No filters on the sefies; top one taken in direct sunlight (the best light ever I think), and below from the front camera

Do we not exist? A rant about being ignored in the beauty industry

Original Pic Here

This rant is inspired by Glossier (a new brand from the popular website Into The Gloss-ITG), but it is not exclusively about them. While reading a post by another blogger on skincare, she mentioned how excited she was to try out some very promising products from Glossier for her skin. I being a huge fan of ITG decided to click the link to find out more about the skin care line. There was this picture and it made me angry.

I'm going to ignore the idiotic labelling of the skin colours here; I'm not sure in what world Emily, Adriana and Rebecca would be considered "medium" skin tones or where Rochelle and Paloma would qualify as "dark".

My main issue is they've gone to great care to include women from a wide spectrum, and yet ignored women (and men) of Desi Origin. For the purpose of this "conversation", I'll use the term Asian to refer to anyone with a connection from South Asia (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Maldives, and Sri Lanka). India, Pakistan and Bangladesh alone have a combined population of around 1.5 billion (not counting all the Asians who live in other countries). Why are we ignored constantly when we make up more than 1/7th of the world's population?

It's politically correct to include other people from non-Caucasian backgrounds in anything and everything, so why on earth is that courtesy not extended to us? Do we not exist? Are we not important? Do we not have feelings?

The only time we seem to be of importance is when talking of "poverty", "women's rights", "terrorism", "skin whitening", "corruption". For all these negative issues (I'm not denying they don't exist) us brown folks are at the forefront. Why do we matter then? Surely let us rot in our old ways.

There's major political changes on the brink of happening in Pakistan right now: is that being talked about? No. A rape happens in India and all of us in the UK are outraged by how dare it happen. Everyone starts talking about women's right (except Indian women, I mean why would we want to know what women from that area think, a Caucasian woman would know better right?) and how backwards South Asian countries are, and how oppressed women in them are. Truth is it also happens here on our doorsteps. 85,000 women are raped here in the UK and 400,000 sexually assaulted, of which only 11% gets the attention of the police, and prosecution/conviction rate that puts us all to shame.

In reality, we only matter when we can be made out to be in need of sympathy. No one wants to hear how amazing people of our origins are doing. Look at Malala Yousafzai: She is the ideal "oppressed" Muslim girl so the Western Media fawns over her (by the time this post is up she has won the Nobel Peace Prize). How often do we hear about the amazing work that Queen Rania of Jordan does? We don't. Because she isn't oppressed, and does not look the part of what the Western world thinks Muslim women looks like. We don't hate Malala, but we have our opinions and it isn't personal to her. We get she's campaigning for good, but where are all the other women who are doing great things?

Look at Slumdog Millionaire; throw some Indian people together, add a plot of poverty and estranged lovers and the world will throw an Oscar at it. Danny Boyle himself said he had to recruit Dev Patel from England as when he went to audition the role in India, none of the actors were "Indian" enough. Are you kidding me?! 

How many Asian Girls are walking the international ramp? How many front international makeup campaigns? Lakshmi Menon had a huge spread in Vogue US which while is great, it also was very "ethnic". They made her pose with an elephant, because you know that's what Indians do in their spare time. Turns out this was the first time she had been close to one. 

I remember reading a ridiculous ignorant quote in an article which justified the lack of brown faces on the international catwalks because girls from those the subcontinent apparently didn't view modelling as a glamorous career, and were held back due to religious and cultural beliefs. Have they even heard of Bollywood I wonder....

Heck even media aimed directly at us ignores us; look at publications here in the UK, like Asiana Bridal and Asian Bride (I'm ignoring Viya and Khush magazines because I haven't any experience with those publications). They constantly use White models to sell us products aimed specifically at Asian people. Sure our money is good but they don't think we deserve proper representation. There are not enough Desi models allegedly, and the few there is aren't "professional enough" or not "trained enough". It's prancing around in a lehenga, not opening the show at Elie Saab at Paris Fashion Week. If the Desi models don't exist here in the UK, then why not source them from India or Pakistan. We know there's plenty of them there. Asian Bride recently hosted a makeup masterclass in Birmingham as part of the Eid event in the summer which we attended. Want to guess the skin colour of the model? That's correct, not brown.
It must have been really hard in a city like Birmingham to find one professional Desi girl who had the talent to sit on a chair and to have their makeup done. Really hard. 

Back to the beauty industry, it is simply racist. There I've said it! The amount of times I used to go to beauty counters to be colour matched and the "makeup artist" would apply a random shade of brown and tell me how it was my colour. Really? Another time I had walked past another counter and the assistant called me and said (very proudly I might add) they have a brand new shade especially for Asian skin tones. As if all of us are the same skin colour. While this has changed drastically in recent years (love Bobbi Brown, Nars and Illamasqua and even though I hate them I have to mention Mac as even they can colour match most people), the really popular and newish Charlotte Tilbury does not even make a foundation that suits the skin tone of my sister. Really Charlotte? (Nigar: The girl was very enthusiastic that I was gonna come back to buy the foundation after I said I wanted to see how it looked in natural light. I didn't go back.) 

Can we just go off to Boots or Superdrug and pick up any foundation? Maybe 1? Seems unfair doesn't it, when our other counterparts can have their pick from whatever they want. A lot of brands use the excuse darker colours are harder to formulate because the of varying differences in darker skin. If L'oreal can make synthetic human skin to test products on, you makeup companies can create foundations for us with the click of your fingers. I can't find a shade that matches my skin in Rimmel (Get the London look anyone? I don't think they know that in London being White is actually in the minority), I am the darkest shade in the L'oreal Lumi Magique, the tones are all wrong (too pink) for me in Maybelline, and so on. Ex1 Cosmetics have been launched by someone Desi to provide for the gap but there's all of 4 retail stockists which are in London. They can be bought online but who is going to buy a foundation online for which they don't know what shade they are?
Let's take a look at Lakme; made in India, for Indian women. Darkest shade? "Rose Honey". Please Google that shade to see how "dark" it is. 

Asian women vary in skin tones from the palest to the darkest. We all don't fit in one shade of "brown". 

Recently Dove launched a product called Dove True Tine Underarm Dark Mark Eraser. And the British bloggers went crazy. "How dare Dove launch such a product", they cried. "Underarm discolouration shouldn't even be an issue". And they're right, it's not an issue. If you're white. If you're Hispanic, Asian or Black then it's highly likely that you're underarm is 10 times darker then the rest of your skin. I know mine is. I actually doubt whether this product even works but that wasn't the point of the outrage here; they were outraged because they thought it was selling a product to address a need that didn't exist for them. There are other skin tones on this planet love. Accept and embrace that. Even in the blogging world, over 99 % of the top blogs on Bloglovin are of White girls, the other top ones are from girls of Oriental origins. None are of South Asian or Black descent for that matter. Why is that? 

This has turned into a long ranty post, all triggered by a curiosity click from someone else's blog. To end with: We do exist, You huge billions of dollars worth beauty industry. We get enough slack as it is and we don't need to be constantly ignored by you. Stand up and take notice. If you're trying to represent everyone then include us too. 

We're of every colour, and we are beautiful, and if that's not good enough for you then you can take my winter boots and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Share your thoughts below. 

n.b Caucasian means White and in the U.K it is perfectly acceptable to refer to skin colour as White, Black and Asian. If you're from the US you might find these term offensive but you'll just have to get over it am afraid. 
n.b.b. Really pale and really dark skinned girls also have issues finding products for their skin tone on the high street and we acknowledge that. 

Our Favourite Apps!

Redecoration | Nigar's Bedroom

The last time I did my room was when I was around 16 - that makes it 6 years. I have changed a lot since then. It used to be purple with cream carpet. Then I changed it to red walls, red ceiling, black furniture with brown laminated flooring and a red desk. I wanted a 'boudoir' look, think sexy draping and rich colours. But it ended up looking very .. angry. And with no draping. Plus I never got round to buying proper curtains (lets forget the 6 years), and have paper thin curtains, which has, in a way, helped me get accustomed to sleeping through bright days. I blame my bad moods on the colour of room. And lighting, OMG. Such a nightmare. I can't be on webcam without looking like a witch, very green! The red literally drinks in my light. I have a few mirrors, more than a few, dotted on two walls, but it doesn't do that much. 

So finally this year mom agreed to let me re-do my room, and as you do, I turned to Pinterest. And IKEA. 

This is my room as it is right now. I would have done the bed, but you deserve to see how I really live. :)

It's pretty empty as we're expecting the builder to come round to fix my ceiling, there's a crack running across it, so I've moved all the unnecessary things out. My bed is new, hence why its white, and is staying to go with my paler new colour scheme. 

Leirvik Bed frame; £75
This was such a hassle. It was in like parts, had to go to different sections of the warehouse bit, and could not figure out how to add the slacks at the end. Figured it out though.
I want something along the lines of this in terms of colours and theme.

I love everything about this room!
I think I'm going for vintage/industrial chic. I think. I don't know how its all going to pan out.
There are a few things I know I defo want to this room. I would like to have a few metal pieces of furniture around, to go with the bed. Probably not my desk as I always hit my limbs off my desk, and adding metal into that sum is just asking for it. 

This beauty is coming home. I have no space for it next to my bed but I'll find space for it.
The Vettre Bedside Table; £25

This here is a must. I want to add a pop of colour to my room using a faux deer head. Also, I need a place to hang my tiaras up after a long day. 
or this. 
I adore this light contraption. I have been looking for a while on how I can recreate this. It shall be done! 
And this one! Defo getting an Edison light bulb.
You can buy this kit! Here.
How cute is this!! Totally making this.
Found from Pinterest.
I would love something like this for my desk, or around it at least. I need to make friends with a carpenter!
Found via Pinterest 

I also bought a vintage filing cabinet, which I will be sprucing up! Still deciding on the colour, and need to go to B&Q. I will document how that goes. 

Do you guys have any other ideas of cute things to add to my long list of stuff to get/make? Please share! 

Skin Diaries | Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser Review

Im going to say this straight away. This is an amazing product. Its literally changed my skin care forever. This cleanser was originally made for men, but is so bloody amazing that I would grow a beard if need be. Now, onto why and how.

Why its great:

 It has; 
-> No Parabens,
-> No Glycols
-> No Sulfates
-> No Synthetic Dye
-> No Phthalates 
-> No Triclosan
-> No Silk Amino Acids
-> No GMO's

So basically, all the unnecessary shit you don't need to be putting on your skin, is removed. 

It contains 4.9% Glycolic Acid but then counteracts that with chamomile and aloe vera for a more soothing finish. So it doesn't just strip your skin. It also contains vitamins A, C and E. No, I don't know what they do. But it must be useful right?

It is a creamy consistency that does not foam up when mixed with water. So there isn't the dryness that occurs with foaming cleansers. I read something on Caroline Hirons blog a while back ago foaming cleaners;

Stay clear of 'foaming' on the bottle (there is the odd exception, but they are few and far between) - to get foam you need to use a surfactant - and a surfactant turns your skin alkaline. Alkaline skin is like a petri dish for bacteria. 

This lady is so great which skincare that you should really check out her blog. And she's got a great sense of humor, both in person and through her words. 

How I use it:

I use it twice a day, everyday. If I miss it once then I might end up with a spot, so I am very strict about keeping to my twice daily routine. If I have makeup on then I'll oil cleanse it off first, then use this (double cleansing is a thing, really. Just like when you oil your hair and sometimes feel like you need to double shampoo.). Since it does not foam you might feel like its not cleansing your skin like a foaming cleanser would, but trust me it is. It's even better. 

I find my skin brighter and softer after using, and don't even feel the need to put a night cream on before bed (although I do use oil). My skin has changed so drastically and is just amazing. I have recently been eating a lot of crap which is counterproductive for my skin and tummy (and thighs and health) and so my face has had a few small spots here and there, although definitely not as much as I would have had a few months ago when I was not using this. I've been using this for over 3 months now. 

It is priced at £21 for 237ml - how random is that amount .. 

Now it is a little pricey, but for the changes that I've seen, I don't mind paying for it.
Think about it this way, its cheaper than a Nars foundation, and the same price as a Mac one. Now, which would you rather; great skin, or a good foundation to hide shitty skin. I know which I would choose. 

Anthony Website
Mankind - stockist

Have you guys tried any other non foaming cleansers (and I don't mean oil ones) and loved them? Or this one even? 

Oven Baked Rainbow Trout with Spicy Parsley Butter

I think everyone knows how good (oily) fish is for you. Everyone goes on about salmon that I think the other fish's just get forgotten about. Although I'm sure they're (the fish) not all that bothered. Rainbow Trout is a new favourite in our household. We discovered it on a shopping trip to Marks and Spencers during Ramadan, and was great as it filled us up, was healthy, and tasted so good! Now of course, the butter part isn't that healthy, but I think it really adds to the taste, as I've had it without the butter and its just not the same. However, I will add in an alternative at the end if you do not want to use butter. 

I will be having a post up soon all about the goodness of fish - along with some downsides. :0


Greaseproof Baking Paper - oven paper
A Block of Butter
Chilli Flakes
Salad of your choice



1. Wash your fillets well. This removes any sliminess that is on the fish - decreasing in the fishy taste. Pat them dry using a tissue - necessary so it doesn't stick to the baking paper while in the oven. Lay skin down. I normally eat two fillets for a meal  

Does anyone helps have kitchen towels around the sink to sock up water from the counter?!

2. Sprinkle your salt and pepper - I usually do about 2-3 twists of the salt grinder for both fillets, and go crazy with the pepper. Cut a few small blocks of butter - I do around 3 1 penny sizes per fish. Put it on top of the fillets and pop into the oven at full temperature (around 250 for my oven) for 15 minutes. It doesn't matter if you got a little over this time. 

3. In the mean time while your fish is baking, you can do the dishes, clean your kitchen, feed your cat. 

4. Around 10 minutes in, start preparing your plate. I usually add some baby/organic spinach, cut some cucumber, and add a bit of salt. Mom normally has baby salad, with pepper and avocado. 

5. Prep your butter. Cut a few more slices of butter, pop into a small pan. Add in your parsley and chilli flakes. For the sake of this post I put half and half into a table spoon, but as with most of our households cooking, I normally play it by eye and see how it goes. Cooking is an art! 

6. Before you melt the butter, wait for the fish to be done. Take it out once your 15 minutes are up - I find using a timer, be it an actual timer or one on your phone, very helpful. Use a spatula to plate the fish up.

7. Melt your butter. It literally takes a minute - maybe less depending on your small your blocks of butter are. Make sure not to burn it, as butter burns really easily in this quantity. Pour over your fish using a spoon, or if you're badass straight from the pan. 

8. Eat! 

Let us know if you guys try this! And if you added/changed anything - could inspire us! 
BTW - I take no credit not for this recipe as Kayennat taught me it. 

Much love!

A Weekend of Weddings: Wedding 2

Last Sunday, we had the final part of our cousin's wedding. See what we wore on the first day here.
I had seen a picture of Anushka Sharma on Instagram wearing an outfit that I fell in love with and had to have. I went to the fabric shop, found my fabric and went to my in law with my screenshot.

A Weekend of Weddings: Wedding 1

Last weekend was super busy, We had a mehendi, 2 receptions and a meetup with Caroline Hirons (More on that later). First up, the Saturday Reception. Held at the very lavishly decorated Tipu Sultan Restaurant in Birmingham. This restaurant is stunning and has the most beautiful floor length mirrors. I am really not a fan of their food, I've had better off the streets. It's like they blew their budget on the decor and had to hire mediocre chefs. Oh well, rant over!

Adventures on YouTube | Sister Tag Video

We got a phone with a pretty decent video camera. We also have a fake gorilla pod to attach the phone to. Add those together and what do you get? YouTube Videos!

Now I'm not promising tutorials of any sort. The S5 camera ain't that good. We did however, film a sister tag video a few weeks back, but it got backlogged due to work and weddings and events. I finally managed to finish editing it last night, and straight onto YouTube it went! 

Its not our first video, as I did do a What's in a my Bag video last year (as if its been so long.) and I've kept promising to make new videos but just never got round to it! I have such respect for people who put new videos up every few days. 

You can either check us out on YouTube, or watch down below! 

Follow Us | Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch Part 2

This post is dedicated to the actual "hair bit" of the night seeing this is a hair school launch! 

The catwalk was great, the music fabulous. There was 2 segments to this show and  segment 2 was my favourite, just because I liked the clothes and styling more. 

Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch

Follow Us | Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch Part 1

Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch

We were lucky to be able to attend the Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch on Sunday 14th September. For those of you who don't know who Aamir Naveed is, here's a short bio. He's a 21 (or 22..) year old who has made a huge name for himself within the asian fashion industry. He is not trained in hair. It all comes natural to him. There is no denying he is amazing at what he does! He was even the official hair stylist for the catwalk at the 2014 Asiana Bridal Show, and has styled Karishma Kapoor's hair for a photoshoot a couple of months ago. 

So the purpose of Sundays event was to launch his new hair school. It offers different workshops, depending on what you're looking for, and your skills, to seminars and portfolio days, where the students are able to work with models and photographers to build up their own portfolio. 

Here is a few pictures taken from his Facebook that I liked:

OOTD | First Two Weeks of Work Placement

Hello guys! I started a work placement two weeks ago. Woohoo!
The office environment is very relaxed which is just perfect for me! I don't do pant suits. And this way, I get to dress in my own style without having to buy a new wardrobe!! It is only three days a week, so only 3 outfits per week. Also, we're not fashion bloggers, so I'm not super fashionable. Sometimes the outfits I put together work, others, it's complete shambles. I'm still working on my own personal style and dress sense, as I think I will probably do forever really. 

I forgot to take pictures the first week, so I re-wore my outfits again on Wednesday this week and took them, so thats why hair and makeup is the same. Also, I didn't get a picture of my day 6 outfit as my got bunny pee on my knee 5 minutes after I walked through the door. Nice. I am not going to put where I got everything, as most of these things are no longer going to be in stores. The ones that I got recently I shall link in. 

Day 1
I wore a dogtooth print bodycon dress, green (or it could have been red, I forgot after a week) cardigan, maroon shoes, and there was originally black tights. I just could not be bothered to put tights on. 
I realise how unflattering around the middle this dress looks. But I'm over it. Also, excuse the bitch face. Its a family problem. 
Look at my pretty Primark Shoes.
Dress from Select.
 Day 2
Relaxed day for me. I wore pyjama style trousers in a chevron print, a long sleeved shirt/blouse, and that gorgeous black and white flower print jumper. I've quite literally lived in it. We went to the Selfridges beauty event after this day (original Thursday, not photograph day) and I wore this outfit, just without the shirt underneath. Worn in rip off Zara shoes from Primark. 
I seem to like looking at my feet. 

Jumper from H&M. 
 Day 3
Wore diamond print peg leg trousers, which were rolled up, white short sleeved blouse, and a maroon cardigan, with those pretty primark shoes again. Another thing I live in.

I swear my clothes were not this creased when I actually wore them!

Day 4
Are you seeing red?!
Wore a paisley print 'bodycon' dress. I got this in one size bigger because my butt and tummy need the material. Paired it with maroon tights and shoes, for what I was taught would be an 'elongated' look. I still look short. 

This jacket is new stock to Primark.

 Day 5
Another relaxed day. This was actually taken on the day it was worn. Palazzo trousers in a floral print, loose fit blouse/shirt thing, and those lovely primark shoes in black. Also put on my compass necklace given to me by my best friend as a graduation present.  

So freekin awesome is my hair here! The colour seems to have just gotten better over time. Love love love it!
FIY, Kayennat does my hair colouring at home. 

I know it probably doesn't even look like I'm going work, but I love that about it! 
Until next time!

Harry Potter geek much. Charlene knew to get me this. Cause there really was nothing else to beat this.