OOTD | First Two Weeks of Work Placement

Hello guys! I started a work placement two weeks ago. Woohoo!
The office environment is very relaxed which is just perfect for me! I don't do pant suits. And this way, I get to dress in my own style without having to buy a new wardrobe!! It is only three days a week, so only 3 outfits per week. Also, we're not fashion bloggers, so I'm not super fashionable. Sometimes the outfits I put together work, others, it's complete shambles. I'm still working on my own personal style and dress sense, as I think I will probably do forever really. 

I forgot to take pictures the first week, so I re-wore my outfits again on Wednesday this week and took them, so thats why hair and makeup is the same. Also, I didn't get a picture of my day 6 outfit as my got bunny pee on my knee 5 minutes after I walked through the door. Nice. I am not going to put where I got everything, as most of these things are no longer going to be in stores. The ones that I got recently I shall link in. 

Day 1
I wore a dogtooth print bodycon dress, green (or it could have been red, I forgot after a week) cardigan, maroon shoes, and there was originally black tights. I just could not be bothered to put tights on. 
I realise how unflattering around the middle this dress looks. But I'm over it. Also, excuse the bitch face. Its a family problem. 
Look at my pretty Primark Shoes.
Dress from Select.
 Day 2
Relaxed day for me. I wore pyjama style trousers in a chevron print, a long sleeved shirt/blouse, and that gorgeous black and white flower print jumper. I've quite literally lived in it. We went to the Selfridges beauty event after this day (original Thursday, not photograph day) and I wore this outfit, just without the shirt underneath. Worn in rip off Zara shoes from Primark. 
I seem to like looking at my feet. 

Jumper from H&M. 
 Day 3
Wore diamond print peg leg trousers, which were rolled up, white short sleeved blouse, and a maroon cardigan, with those pretty primark shoes again. Another thing I live in.

I swear my clothes were not this creased when I actually wore them!

Day 4
Are you seeing red?!
Wore a paisley print 'bodycon' dress. I got this in one size bigger because my butt and tummy need the material. Paired it with maroon tights and shoes, for what I was taught would be an 'elongated' look. I still look short. 

This jacket is new stock to Primark.

 Day 5
Another relaxed day. This was actually taken on the day it was worn. Palazzo trousers in a floral print, loose fit blouse/shirt thing, and those lovely primark shoes in black. Also put on my compass necklace given to me by my best friend as a graduation present.  

So freekin awesome is my hair here! The colour seems to have just gotten better over time. Love love love it!
FIY, Kayennat does my hair colouring at home. 

I know it probably doesn't even look like I'm going work, but I love that about it! 
Until next time!

Harry Potter geek much. Charlene knew to get me this. Cause there really was nothing else to beat this. 

Personal Beauty Shopping? Yes Please!

Personal shoppers are nothing new, but personal beauty shopping is certainly a pretty novel concept. Meet Rose (she blogs over at Mixed Gems Beauty), the Selfridges personal beauty shopper. As far as I'm aware she's the only person in the whole on Birmingham with a job like this. Jealous!  

This picture is from today; they've had even more and better changes since we went to the personal shopper's experience

She invited us a few months ago to come for a visit in the newly revamped Selfridges Beauty Hall. The department had evolved into something spacious, swanky and full of light (it was previously a very enclosed space, not as if that prevented us from spending money there....).

How many times have you been on a beauty counter wanting one thing (e.g. a foundation) and end up being overwhelmed when the beauty consultant tells you that you need their company's moisturiser, primer, concealer, and powder to make the foundation look good? Rose takes away all that. And this is what's great about her job. She isn't driven by any brand to hard sell. You tell her what you're concern is and what you want and she delivers. She's passionate about her job and that shines through.

Selfridges staff are very nice in general, and are approachable. Rose was all of that and more. She was lovely, funny and we felt instantly at ease with her. We didn't have any specific "wants" on the day to we went to meet her so  she took us around the counters and showed us her stand out products from each brand. 

The cleansing balms from RMK (a brand I have always walked past without a second glance) and Bobbi Brown (one of my favourite brands) smelt luscious. The RMK one smelt of roses; luscious and the Bobbi Brown one of grapefruit; one of my all time favourite scents. 

Smells of real roses (not an artificial scent), the texture was luscious

What I really liked was that a lot of other brands are now being stocked in Selfridges that weren't there before; OCC Lip Tars, SteamCream, Louise Young, Glam Glow, Fountain (the supplement people), Bumble & Bumble, Phyto, The Konjac Sponge Company, EOS Lip balms, Charlotte Tilbury, Shu Uemera, and Urban Decay. For nail polish lovers there's also OPI, Morgan Taylor, Deborah Lipmann, Ciate, and American Apparel. 

The Selfridges Beauty department is the premiere destination for high end beauty shopping, and hosts Mac (you guys know I am really not fond of them at all, but they're here if you need them), Bobbi Brown (love), Illamasqua (love), Nars (love), Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Tom Ford, YSL, Clarins, RMK, Clinique, Suqqu, La Mer, Kiehl's, and Chanel. 

The Bobbi Brown Art Sticks and swatches 

The Charlotte Tilbury counter is amazing, and I love how easy the products are to use. They are arranged by "looks" and you can buy an entire look, and you'll be confident that everything co-ordinates. There's been many times when I've seen something I've wanted in a promotional picture and have very eagerly gone to the brand and asked what has been used. And they hardly ever know! None of that here with the Tilbury counter. Every product used in a look is displayed along with get the look cards. 

Some of the Charlotte Tilbury looks. That's the same girl in all the pictures. How amazing does she look! 
The Beach Sicks were gorgeous

Chanel and Tom Ford do bespoke fragrance consultations; where you are given a few notes to smell and depending on what you like the consultant picks out fragrances for you. We tried the consultation at Tom Ford, and I was matched to Rive D'ambre, which on first whiff I wasn't a fan of but the more I sniffed it, the more I liked it!The consultant was very nice and insightful. We walked away with samples of Rive D'ambre. Now who wants to buy me a big bottle....

Sniffing some Tom Ford 

We were offered a complementary consultation. It's normally £30 which is redeemable against purchases. And there will be purchases....This is also a great gift option for beauty newbies and junkies alike!

Excited by the prospect of personal beauty shopping? Want to take part? Drop Rose an email at rose.gallagher@selfridges.co.uk
 She is also able to mail out items if you're there's something specific you want and can't get to a store. 
Wish this was available where you are? 

Food Diaries: Clean Eating Falafel Burgers

These burgers are inspired by falafels. I hate parsley so I replace the parsley with coriander, and because these are "clean eating" burgers there's no flour in them. So that makes them pretty soft and prone to crumbling. But that's good!

This is a great student/working person meal because it literally takes 2 minutes to prepare and 2-4 minutes to cook. So you have no excuse really. A great meal (and really healthy) that hits all the right spots in 5 minutes!

When I come back from uni I normally whisk this up (I normally double the recipe and then have it over 2 meals)


1 can of chickpeas (approx 400g)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1/3 teaspoon of cumin
salt + pepper and chillies to taste
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
bunch of coriander

1. Wash and drain your chickpeas. Place in a bowl and add the oil.

2.  Mix with the hand blender until it's a thick paste (if you don't have a hand blender just mash it really well with a fork)

You want to be able to scoop it on a spoon and flip it over without it sliding off
3. Toss in the rest of the ingredient and mix with a fork/spoon/fingers (you can taste it to check if everything is to your taste bud's liking)

4. Form into round patties (oil your hands to it doesn't stick) and place on a hot pan (lightly coated with oil)

5. Takes about 2-4 minutes to cook (only flip over once as they are really soft and can break if you repeatedly flip them)

6. While it's cooking you can wash your salad and cut your cucumbers. I decided to make some grilled vegetables on the side

7. Stuff your face!

If you're not clean eating and want the falafel texture then add a tablespoon of flour in the mix. If your mixture is a bit too "wet" (either you didn't drain the water well, or you added too much oil or you blended it too much) then just cover it up and stick in the fridge for a few hours. Although to be honest even if my mixture is too wet I still cook it and who cares if it crumbles because it tastes so damn good.

These taste amazing in pitta bread or on top of a salad. Serve with some Greek yoghurt and salad. My typical salad is baby leaf salad, cucumbers, and if I have any, then peppers and avocados (don't always have the last 2 when I'm at uni).

This recipe is gluten free (and wheat free) if made as is (and not eaten with bread). So really great if you're on a gluten free/wheat free diet or have Coeliac Disease.

Follow Us | Our First Asian Blogger Meetup

Mani, Rabbia, Yasmin, Kayennat, Sharn, Nazma, Nina, Nigar, Raj, Sara, Mandavi 
Over the weekend we went to London. We go often, but this weekend was extra special. We went to our first blogger meetup! It was arranged by Nina from the Asian Fashion Journal via twitter, which consisted of quite a few twitter messages between everyone. Kayennat was the one on our twitter at that point because it got quite confusing for me! But at the end of it a meetup had been arranged! Nina emailed us to arrange dates and times and places, and it was set for Sunday. I followed some of these girls' blogs already, some secretly because I'm not really a commenter, oops!, so it was lovely to have met them in real life. We all blog about Asian fashion, weddings, and life. 

Nina also got Mani Jassal to attend. She's a stylist and designer who makes such gorgeous designs. I am quite in love with the majority of her skirts, such as this gorgeous piece here. She's from Toronto, Canada, but was in London at the time. Check her out! 

It was really nice to meet other girls who blog about similar things, well blog in general I guess, because none of my friends blog, and we don't really talk to our friends about it. We got to talk about how we started, what we do, our lives outside of blogging. Raj (Secret Wedding Blog) wrote a lovely paragraph that I just have to steal! 

Having a great support system is priceless. Everyone was genuinely excited about each other’s blog successes which I admire. There was no competition, just so much praise and interest. I would definitely recommend attending a bloggers meet up or arranging one yourself. You will leave feeling excited to have made new friends who you can connect with, feel inspired and motivated to blog again (if you are going through writers block – we've all been there!)

 I really do feel motivated to blog more! All of these girls are so successful with their blogs that it really makes me want to work harder on ours. I think we both came away from this meetup feeling inspired, motivated, and with the excitement of possibly hosting the next meetup! I can't wait to meet all these lovely ladies again. It would be nice to get to know them all better.

The Girls;
Mani Jassal - Mani
Pehrani - Yasmin
Sara K Blog - Sara
Red Notebook Stylist - Mandavi
My Friends think I'm Google - Ash (Nazma's sister who took the picture above so she's not in it!)

Do check out their blogs!

I didn't get to speak to everyone as much as I would have liked, but there was quite a few of us, so until next time ladies! Signing off with a few pictures of the day. Can't wait to do another one of these! 

Kayennat and her selfies.

I did start off the day wearing gray wedges, but changed into flats after the meetup. Don't want to aggravate my ankles too much! (sprained it a while back by falling down some stairs and still not been to see the doctor, oops.)
The Book Club is such a nice place! I loved the atmosphere and the decor.

I love street art. And the area around The Book Club was littered with it! That girl on the wall in the background is stunning. 

Follow Us to Dinner at Itihaas Brasserie

Following a few hours of parading around in the Selfridges Beauty Hall, we took the escalators on an impromptu dinner at Itihaas Brasserie. We've been eyeing Itihaas in Selfridges for a while but today was the day. They had an offer for a curry, drink, naan and rice for £10. Which is a bargain considering it's Selfridges we're talking about. This offer runs every Monday and Thursday (although the waiter did say we could have the same offer any day of the week minus weekend).

itihaas brasserie selfridges birmingham

Follow Us to the Perfecting Beauty Events @ Selfridges Birmingham

I really love beauty events. I find them fun, and there's nothing more exciting than going from counter to counter and swatching products on the back of your hands. 

Yesterday, we went to the Perfecting Beauty Event at Selfridges. Tickets were £10 and redeemable against a purchase. So win win really!

We got ready and off we went. I even wore a new skirt. 

Wardrobe Diaries: A Tale of 3 Dresses (Part 2)

It was a warm day in old London town, and we were excited for the wedding. It took us the usual 3 hours to get ready. GIRLS! Grab a drink as this is a picture heavy post. We were late for the wedding, but lucky for us so were most of the bride's guests so we manged to get some pictures outside the venue while we were waiting. Yay for the small blessings. 
(read part 1 here)