Monday Mani | You Drive Me Navy

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints Drive Me Navy

I picked up a few of the new Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints because well I like buying nail polish. At first it was Nigar but now I think it's mostly me  *hangs head in shame*. The colours were lovely and I picked up a few bottles (because you can never buy just one when there's 3 for 2 offers right?). 

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints Drive Me Navy

I really love the formula of these, I've used one coat, The brush is pretty awesome, it's fatter than the usual Barry M brushes, and that just makes it easier to glide the polish across your nail bed.

The idea of these Sunset nail paints are that you apply the colour and follow with the Sunset Topcoat and this provides you with the colour and longevity of a gel polish withouth UV light/lamp and can be removed with regular nail polish remover. The curing is done by any light hitting the polish (the light in your room for example). I haven't used it with the Sunset Topcoat yet so I can't comment on whether it does have the longevity of gel nails (I really could not commit that long to a nail polish sorry!). DO have a look at these because the formulation is spot on, the brush is awesome and the colours really wearable. It does say to use with the Sunset Topcoat only but I have used it only with other topcoats so far and the Earth is yet to shatter.

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paints Drive Me Navy

This is a great alternative for those of you who are quite ready to embrace black nails yet! What do you think; yay or nay? 

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Hair Diaries | Favourite Hair Masks

I love hair masks, and I apply a hair mask once a week which for me equals to every time I shower ('coz am sure you must know by know I'm a tramp big on not washing my hair very often which is which is why I can wake up with hair like this: 

brown girl with blue hair, manic panic rockabilly blue on dark hair
This is my hair post 7 days of washing; I blowdried once and curled once with straighteners and that's it. No other styling apart from using my fingers to switch up my parting every few minutes.
Yes your hair will be greasy at first especially if you're used to washing it every day (Jesus you won't have much left at some point, seriously our mother comes from a family who washed their hair daily and guess what they have very little hair left on their head), but suck it up, the world has much more important things than to notice whether your hair is greasy or not. Honestly you can't be that dirty okay? you just can't and if you are I would like to know why.

I normally oil my hair pre every wash but because the oil will was out the blue dye I haven't been oiling at the moment and just adding a tiny bit of oil to my scalp and just deep conditioning the entire head. I apply deep conditioner to my entire head even my scalp.  I head silly things like apply only from your ear down below and so on, err why? do you only shampoo from your ear down below? no? then why would you only condition from a certain section? If your hair is getting oily too quickly it is because a. you're not rinsing it out well enough and b. you're washing it too often. My money is on b. To fix it see above paragraph.

How to use: 

1. Wet your hair so it is absolutely soaking and dripping wet (you'd be surprised at the amount of people who thinks it's okay to apply shampoo on dryish/ a bit wet hair)
2. apply shampoo and lather, massage well 
3. rinse out and squeeze out excess water
4. apply a generous amount of deep conditioner 
5. and the most important step: using a wide tooth comb, comb your hair from root to tip being as gentle as possible

6. let the mask work as long as possible (if you can be bothered put on a shower cap and get out the shower, and do  other things for a while, or just lie in the bath tub for a long while) and rinse out all the product.  

Tip; I never measure how much I use but I would estimate it's about 3-4 tablespoons. Heaped not leveled. Not a 50 pence coin or a dime size amount that I also read on some guides. BE GENEROUS.  On some days I would just mix a whole bunch of different deep conditioners together and apply that. 

When it comes to hair care I am pretty much a L'Oreal girl through and through (it's about time they realised it and get their butts over here and sponsored people who actually like and use their product...just saying *big smiles*), so no surprises that this list is going to feature mostly L'Oreal hair masks. However what is surprising is that there's going to be other brands on here *gasps*. I first tried the Mark Hill ones when Lima mentioned the hydrating mask on her list of products for bleached hair here. I've walked past Mark Hill a million times before and never gave them a second glance, and I don't know why? (well I know why, it's because they're boring and the name is boring and the packaging is "cheap", like a tequila shot kinda cheap and the products don't speak to me; I'm a hair addict and nothing about Mark Hill says I'm going to give you fabulous hair, sorry Mark!) But what a fabulous mask, love it so much I tried another one! Both are great buys. 

And Herbal Essences well I hate the brand (I hate a lot of brands okay :D so L'Oreal should actually feel super special that I 1. don't hate them and 2. I LOVE them).  Herbal Essences adverts sucks; you know a product must suck when they need to resort to sex to sell it and their shampoos and conditioners have always given amazing hair me BAD HAIR (on multiple occasions over a number of years so it's not like it was a random coincidence). So I tried this deep conditioner only because Nigar had bought it and she said it was nice, so I thought hmmm might as well try it, and while I was not blown away; it was nice. 

best deep conditioners for dark hair

So in ranking order
1. L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil and Colour Protect (I could not choose between the 2, I tried really hard!) 
2. Mark Hill Colour Hydration Bomb, L'Oreal Triple Resist, L'Oreal Smooth and Polish 
3. Mark Hill Miracaloilicious and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration 

Are you a deep conditioner person? what's your favourite? 
I've heard rumours of some people who don't even conditions *shudders* 
share your thoughts below 

Monday Mani | Minimalist White

white manicure on medium skintone, revlon sure thing

The white manicure was a Spring trend last year and it is here to stay. It is chic, sophisticated and "looks" effortlessly cool. I say "look" because well it isn't really always effortless to apply as white is not the most forgiving colour.

Many people hate this look because apparently this reminds them of using Tipp-Ex (Wite Out to you Americans?) to paint this nails white while at school. I think I'm one of the few people who did not do this! Also I can appreciate the sentiment and have seen some very badly painted white nails that I have personally wanted to remove on people's nails. But when applied correctly it is drool-worthy.

The best thing about the white manicure is that it looks good on any nail shapes (oval, almond, square, squoval, witchy) and any nail length (long, medium or short), unlike some colours that only look good on specific nail length or shapes.

This colour dictates an unspoken confidence (which sorta says "I'm cool, so?") and takes you to a whole new level that's usually reserved for the red lipstick. It instantly takes any outfit from "meh" to "ah".

And for all the Desi girls, don't worry the white most definitely does not make us look grey or ashy or pasty or ill like some colours can :) 

white manicure on medium skintone, revlon sure thing

The white manicure is one that jewellery also look great on, perfect for those of us who loves to stack our rings (this is a bit less for me as I could not find my little stash of silver midi rings which I am guessing Nigar has "borrowed"). 

Or for the less adventurous of you, you could try it as your pedicure colour. 

white manicure on medium skintone, revlon sure thing

I used Revlon Colorstay Gel Colour in Sure Thing, a base coat underneath and a top coat on top. 

What are your feelings on the white manicure? love? loathe? don't care? share below :) 

Weekend Postd

what will people say
In English
dimoune ki pou dire
In Creole 

log kya kahenge
In Hindi/Urdu 

Some weekend inspiration, which is ridiculously still true if you're of desi origin. We hear it all the time (not necessarily said to us because I think people who know us know we don't actually give a crap) but we hear it being to others especially little children who are so impressionable and it's so sad. Why would give give two shits (pardon my French) about what people will or won't say. Why would you not choose happiness even if it's unconventional. Screw them all and choose you. Choose happiness and disregard judgemental buttwipes who did not have the courage to live their lives. Have a great weekend everyone. 

Hair Diaries | Blue Hair

manic panic rockabilly blue on dark hair
natural light, no flash

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Weekend Post

Some weekend inspiration. This one applies a lot to me as I am way too comfortable in my own skin (borderline slob; I do go out to the local shops in pjs, coz you know I just be dripping with confidence....). But the way you dress can help you look and feel good. A simple way to boost confidence. Have a great one. 

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shivan and narresh 2015 nails


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