Food Diaries | Shish Kebab

I love Shish Kebabs, Seekh Kebab, Sheesh Kebab/Whatever you want to call it kebab . They're so yummy and perfect. This recipe is another quick one and takes less than 5 minutes of prep time, and about 8 minutes to cook. 

What you'll need:

1 kg minced chicken 
(substitute for lamb if that's your thing, I use lean chicken breast mince)
1 level teaspoon garam masala 
half a teaspoon cumin powder
bunch of corinader 
1 teaspoon garlic paste
half a teaspoon ginger
chopped green chillies
1 chopped tomato
1 chopped onion
chilli flakes,salt and pepper to taste 


1. Add all the ingredients to the chicken

2. Mix well

3. Allow to marinate for as long as you can or if you're like me then just form into the shapes you like (rub some oil into your palms so they don't stick to you, I prefer these oblong shapes) and place them directly on the pan. Form into shapes and freeze any you won't cook. They'll come in handy another time. 

4. Grill; drizzle a little bit of oil on the pan and cook. They take about 8 minutes, flip halfway through

5. Serve over the salad (one of my favourite ways) 

or in a roti/baguette (my other favourite way)

so so so good! 
I'm cutting refined food out of my diet for a while, so no more bread for me (on a regular basis that is, as bread is kind of my staple food. While I love bread so so so much, I do get very bloated from eating it, and then feel like crap for a while. I've been eating "clean" for a week now and I feel so much better. No more horrible bloating and no more feeling "meh" after a meal. 

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Weekend Post


OOTD | Dinner

Went to iftar, which is the time when we break our fast, with my friends on Sunday. We went to Akbars in Birmingham, which I love! I literally had no time to think of this outfit through as I was still in my pjs, yes I was in my PJ's at 8pm, and still curling my hair when they were waiting for me outside. So I threw my jeans on, wore this new top as it wasn't creased, and put on a kimono. The shoes, now I've been dying to wear these out for ages! Bought them on sale from New Look months ago! But then I fell down the stairs at our friends wedding and hurt my ankle, so the shoes just remained in my wardrobe. Sometimes, I think the best outfits come when you don't over think it. 

Top: New Look | Jeans: Asos [Kays old jeans] | Shoes: New Look | Kimono: Forever 21 

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3 Things Thursday

written by Kayennat on Nigar's laptop; forgot to change the author. Oopsy

This past week has been on a little health revival this week. I used to be super healthy, then I turned into a blob, and you know the saying "eat like shit, look like shit, feel like shit". Something's gotta change. So my 3 things I've been loving this past week are all changes that I've been making. 

1. Dietary changes: 

a) I love juices (not the premade stuff that comes in a carton) and I love juicing. I had a one day juice detox day and it went really well. It got rid of all that bloating and lethargy feeling I was experiencing. 

left to right: Beetroot Blend, Pineapple Blend, Carrot Blend (all are super yummy)

b) Green smoothies: I used to drink these on a daily basis but I've been off track for a little while and I've been definitely feeling the effects from not drinking it (recipe here).

c) Water: I don't like water. End of. I'm a Coca Cola addict through and through. It's something I've been trying to give up for years but have been failing. I've decided I'm kicking it to the curb this year. Been forcing myself to drink water instead. It's been a week and if you know me personally you would know how out of character it is to not see me with a can of coke in my hands. 

I jug a bottle down post workout

d) Clean Eating:

 I can't tolerate wheat and wheat products very well (makes me very bloated and uncomfortable, but man I love bread so so so much) so I've removed all "processed foods" from my diet. If it's going into my body every single ingredient better be as clean as possible. Follow me on Instagram to see what I eat on a regular basis.

from bottom left clockwise: Peri peri chicken with grilled vegetables and salad, chickpea burgers with salad and beans, grilled salmon with salad, hummous and vegetables (all homemade) 

2. Exercise:

 I've gone from exercising every single day to not doing much at all. Back to exercising now. I'd forgotten how good it feels to feel the burn after a good workout. Really enjoying that feeling. All you really need is a yoga mat, some music and a bottle of water. No fancy equipment required. (I've introduced weights for the past 2 days as well). 

Essential exercise basiscs

I love this (as does Nigar). This is an accupressure mat which is based on the accupuncture philosophy, the raised "needles" which presses against pressure points in your body to relieve stress and pain. We've been lying on this most days and it  feels amazing. It looks painful, but it isn't. I would say it's a bit uncomfortable but damn you feel so good when you get off it. I aim for 30 minutes just lying on there listening to meditation music. 

yantra mat

What are 3 things you've been loving this week? 

3 Things Thursday is a weekly idea that three bloggers have come up with, Love Laugh MirchPink Chai Living, and The Write Balance. Do check them out. 


So you've just spent some time following a cake recipe to a tee and then through sheer bad luck your cake breaks when you lift it out of the tin (or you drop it, oopsy). It was for your dinner party, or a special dinner for two. What do you do? 

how to fix a broken cake, cake in a jar
Crumbled cake 
Don't fret. I got you covered. Grab some of these (mine are from desserts I've bought in the past and I just keep them because they're glass and re-usable). Or you could even use champagne glasses (or anything glass really. I've even used a jar before) 

cake in a jar

Press some pieces of the  cake into it. 

cake in a jar

Pipe a pretty rose on it. 

cake in a jar

Optional: Put in a chocolate stick.

Voila. All sorted. No one would be wiser and people would actually think you must have slaved over making these. Win win :) 

p.s. My cake didn't break. My cake just wouldn't ok?  :) 
The pieces were leftover cake from another cake being leveled off before being frosted. 

Sneak peak at the actual cake: 

rose frosted cake
This the base tier of a 3 tiered cake we did for someone. They didn't send us the photo of the cake fully assembled :( 

Plus some matching cupcakes: 

rose frosted cupcakes


I don't change my skin care routine according to the weather, rather I change it according to how my skin feels. For the most part it feels pretty great :D

First things first: Some of us are blessed with great skins no matter what we do (e.g. me and not Nigar) and some of you us have to work a bit harder. If you're in the latter then I must stress how important it is to feed yourself properly (check out my glittering green smoothie if you need some extra help). What you put inside your body is much much more important and effective than what you put on the outside. 

AM Routine: 

Oil cleanse with a hot flannel or Cleanse with a non foaming cleanser
Eye Cream (eye cream before anything else for me)
Hydrating Spray Toner (La Roche Posay)
Apply Makeup

PM Routine: 

Oil Cleanse with a hot flannel 
Cleanse with a non foaming cleanser (depending on my my skin feels)
Tone with a glycolic acid toner or a hydrating one 
Apply an oil
Lip Balm

Face wash/Cleanser: 

I have a really basic routine and I believe that's key in achieving and maintaining good skin. I really recommend avoiding all cleansers that foams (e.g. anything with sodium laureth sulphate [SLS]). There is absolutely no need for your face to foam with bubbles, and essentially dries out your skin over time and cause blemishes. I used to give myself spots when I was younger because I used to wash my face with foaming cleansers then break out then use anti blemish face wash (again containing SLS) then break out more. It was a stupid cycle that was driven by foaming cleansers. I didn't know better then. But now I do.  It really irks me to see that pretty much every single anti blemish cleansers still containing foaming agents.

Foaming agents changes the pH of the skin; your skin's natural pH should be below 5 (acidic) and foaming agents causes your skin to become alkaline.

The acidity of the skin is known as the acid mantle; overwashing or washing with agents that alter the pH damaged this mantle, which is needed to regulate, function, and re-generate your skin. It is also a barrier for bacteria; they can't function/grow/multiply in acidic environments. 
If you break out or if your skin is just not behaving (e.g. it's dry and crackly because it's not regenerating because you have effectively destroyed the acid mantle) and you don't know why, then this might be a reason. JUST SAYING.

Also, that "tight" feeling you might get after washing your face? You've over-washed. Your skin shouldn't feel tight. It should feel comfortable. Your skin feeling tight is a sign that your skin is dry or dehydrated. Or both. Dryness (caused by lack of oil in your skin) and dehydration (caused by a lack of water in your skin) are two different conditions. Dry skin is normally a skin "type" (but you can give yourself temporary dryness) and dehydrated is a skin "condition" that can affect all skin types. Hope that makes sense. 

Break up with your cleanser now

I  also don't use a makeup remover, and the last time I used that has been.....erm.......about 5 years? I have been oil cleansing for about that long and it's the best thing you can do for your skin. Ever. Minus changing your eating habits. Oil cleansing removes all makeup in no time- even waterproof mascara. (I do own a makeup remover for correcting winged liners gone wrong)

I double cleanse when am wearing makeup; i.e. cleanse twice. This could either be once with an oil and followed by a cleanser or once with an oil, rinse face and again with the oil.

Staple products: Oil Cleansing with Face Flannels; use one flannel a day (clean one in the morning and reuse in the evening then put to wash)
Non Foaming Cleansers I really like: Super Facialist by Una Brennan (smells like roses; but not the old women rose scent) and Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser (this one is for guys but oh my, what a great product)

Staple Products: Spray hydrate with La Roche Posay Serozinc, My own blend of facial oil (divine, if I may say so myself)

If I'm going to be home and not go out during the day then I'll do my PM routine in the morning as well as the evening. I like to nourish my skin as much as possible.

Toners:  I love toners; some people love them and some thinks it's an unnecessary step. They're NOT to remove last traces of makeup off your face. If you're using a toner and makeup is still coming off your face you need to go wash your face again. They re-balance your skin's pH post cleansing and prepare your face for whatever step you're doing next. I alter between a hydrating one and a glycolic acid one (If I use the glycolic cleanser then I would use the hydrating one because my skin can't handle that much acid). Avoid toners with alcohols. There's no need for them. They cause your face to feel tingly and "tight". You don't want your face to feel that way. Please be nice to your skin.
Toners I love: Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Boost, Pixi Glow Tonic (I've ran out :() aand Bravura Revitalising Ginseng Toner 

Face Masks: 

Occasionally I do a face mask; typically once to twice a month, depending on how my skin feels. 

Check out my favourite masks here. My absolute favourite is the neem mask. It's so lush; after you've washed it of course, it does smell a bit strongly of neem while it's on your face. Please don't lick it. It's beyond bitter.  Follow with a face oil. 

From bottom up: The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream, Origins GinZing Moisturiser, The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boots Sorbet, Garnier Moisture Match Creme Bienfasiante (I have the entire collection of the Garnier Moisture Match and rotate between them a lot) 


I'm not particularly loyal to any facial cream partly because I've not met one that I love. I do prefer gel textures over cream textures.
Same with eye cream; not convinced they do much yet.


And this one is controversial; I don't believe in SPF for my skin. I don't spend enough time in the sun to warrant it so I avoid it like the plague and really get bothered when most face creams come with SPF in it. IF I was lounging around on a hot beach I'd probably use one but for my day to day living nah. I wear makeup when am out mostly, and that is enough of a barrier for my skin. There's a group of people who are so scared of being in the sun (we'll turn dark, we'll get dark spots, we'll burn, we'll get cancer and so on). Being in the sun makes you happy, ask people who live in countries like the UK, we get something called SAD here (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is triggered by the reduction of sunshine in the winter months and it can make you have depression like symptoms. It can be very severe. Being in the sun makes your body produce Vitamin D which is needed by your body (very very hard to get from your diet alone, pretty damn impossible actually), most importantly for help with calcium absorption for bone strength. Lack of Vitamin D also causes random pains. So what I'm saying is that the sun is very important and yes excessive exposure could be disastrous but be sensible about it. Skincare with SPF in it doesn't have enough and just lures you into a false sense of security. If you need an SPF then apply one independently to your moisturiser/foundation.

Make sure it's a broad spectrum one that protects against UVA AND UVB rays. UVA rays are what causes breakdown of collagen in your skin and the effects are seen much later on in life (wrinkles caused by excessive sun exposure), whereas UVB rays damage can be seen pretty much instantaneously e.g. your skin burns. 

Let's throw in a no makeup selfie ;)

Ok I cheated a little; wearing eyeliner and a lipstick in this. I have dark circles, it's hereditary. And oh this picture is from I was 27 (a few months ago),
 I am now 28. I look the same though, promise! 
Do you have a skin care routine? How often do you change it?
What's your staple products?


I thought this post would be useful for those of you who wanted to purchase beauty stuff available in the UK, but you live outside. The majority of our readers are from India and USA (you guys are spoilt in the shopping department by the way) so this post will show the retailers (reputed) who offers free international delivery. Woohooo! Well it's sad for your wallets.....

Asos: While Asos is mainly known for their clothes, they do stock a lovely little stash of beauty products;  Nars, Illamasqua, Bourjois, Barry M, Benefit, Bare Minerals, Pixi and GHD (the straighteners) to name a few. However, certain products cannot be delivered to certain countries, but on the product page it will mention that.

Beauty Bay: They stock a ridiculous amount of products for hair, makeup, skincare, and electricals. Including: Balm Balm, Edward Bess, Eyeko, Face Atelier, HD Brows, Louise Young, Sarah Happ and Urban Decay.

Look Fantastic: Brands stocked includs Dermalogica, Too Faced, Benefit, Exx1, RMK, Urban Decay, Perricone MD, Real Technique (the awesome brushes from Pixiwoo) and Stila

HQ Hair: Stocks Nars, Urban Decay, Kardashian Beauty, Daniel Sandler, Pixi and Elizabeth Arden among many others. 

Feel Unique: Stocks Biotherm, Elemis, Benefit, Eve Lom, Eyeko, Murad, Tanya Burr, Dior, Real Techniques, and Lancome

Illamasqua: Illamasqua also offers free delivery for purchases over the sum of £50 which to honest is quite easily spent on their site. Sign up for the newsletter: lots of flash sales! 

I think there is a restriction on the shipping of nail polish via aeroplanes as that is illegal (at least it is from the UK). 

It is also worth signing up for the newsletters from these companies as they email discount coupons very regularly and these typically range from 10% to 20% off your order. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list but it does encompass the major online companies with the bigger presence here. 

If you live in a country where you know things go missing from parcels (ahem India, Pakistan, Mauritius.....) then  I would suggest paying for the tracked shipping option as it would add the extra peace of mind.

You might have to pay custom charges once the parcel arrives in your country but that's depending on your country's custom regulation and rules. I hope this post has been helpful to somebody! 

Disclaimer: We are not being paid or compensated in any way to mention any of these companies. All views are my own. Check with your countries custom regulations prior to ordering.

Weekend Post

This one is very applicable to me. I just do nothing and "hope" things will change. It ain't going to if you don't do something about it. So here's to taking control, having discipline and booting complacency in it's butt. 
Have a great weekend everyone :) 

OOTD | Nigar's Graduation

I graduated this week! Woohoooo. After 17 years of education, I have finally received the piece of paper I got myself into debt for. 

Dress: Asos | Shoes: Asos | Bag: Primark

I kept the face the same as always really plus lashes. 
Cut crease eyeshadow, eyeliner, pale pink blush, bronzer, and Inglots 408 lipstick. Oh and eyebrows of course! Lashes were Ardell's 105's. 
Bourjois So Laque Glossy in 05.Taupe Modele 

We went for dessert after Iftar that night, and this is what I wore. I actually went home and slept in full makeup and what not, and it was all there when I woke up for iftar. I was impressed. The lashes had to go though. 

Top: H&M | Skirt: Primark | Shoes: Asos | Bag: Primark

The whole family came of course. Kayennat wearing a H&M long sleeved blue maxi, which is unfortunately out of stock, and moms wearing a white and black maxi from Mango via Asos. Also, wearing flats from Primark in this picture cause I was not going to tempt fate and walk in heels all day.
 So upset this picture is blurry :(