Travel Diaries | What I packing - Clothes

We're going to Mauritius over the Christmas holidays. I'm going for a significantly long time compared to mommy and Kay. I'm going for 57 days, or 1 month 27 days, or 8 weeks (rounded down). ooooooooooo! We are still hoping to blog, so don't worry guys! Mom and Kay will join me both individually. 

This post will be on what I am taking with me, along with a checklist for you guys to use if you need to! Lets keep a few points in mind before I start though:
1. I'm brown, so we have to prepare for events such as weddings, engagements, khatams, and other such asian things. 
2. I'm an over packer. I like being prepared for whatever I need to do.
3. It's easier to pack for a shorter holiday, so please take that into consideration! For such a long holiday there's so many variables, and let's not forget that wearing the same outfit 20 times will just kill me! I'm not a capsule wardrobe kinda girl. 

Lets get onto the outfits! (I've tried to link all the recent purchases)

 Short Dresses

Boohoo || Asos | Forever 21
| Asos | H&M| Asos |

Weekend Post

OOTD | Office Wear

So I've experimented with my office wear over the past few weeks for my internship. Sorry for not posting! Its difficult to take my own pictures and most of the time I was so exhausted I just couldn't be asked! And I wore a lot of the same outfits. 

I did notice towards the end that I was gravitating towards a shirt, jumper and jeans/trousers. This OOTD is basically just remastered everyday using one of my many blouses/shirts and jumpers. Warmth and style! 

New Look from a couple of years ago. No point investing in a new coat this year, at least not yet.
I love everything oversized. And if a jumper is oversized, then we're perfect for each other. From H&M - old.
Jeans from Zara
 Necklace and shoes both from New Look
Face of the day! 
Lipstick was MAC in Hug Me. 

Laters guys!  :D

Three Things Thursday | Mauritius Edition

This weeks 3 Things Thursday will be based on things I cannot wait to do when I'm in Mauritius.
NOTE: All photos are from 2009!

1. Street food.
I think everyone who travels back home, wherever that may be, looks forward to street food. We have this thing called confi (sp?), which is basically mangos, pineapple and cucumber, that has been kept in this salty water, and then they put it into a bag and add chillies and salt to it. BEST THING EVER! If you guys haven't tried your fruits with salt and chillies, you are missing out bro. Go do it now. 
Ok, so this was pineapple with PIMA! (chillies). Yummmmmm

2. Beaches
I mean come on. 
Will share better photos than this I swear. Also we know that random guy giving a thumbs up, he's not as creepy as he seems ;)

3. Hang out with family
We don't have that much family here, not as much as most my other brown friends for sure. So it's always nice to go see them. And I mean all of them. I love just sitting down with my Nana in his sweet shop and just talking, or even just sitting there. Language can be a bit of a barrier for me at times. I've never forgotten how to speak creole, but I do find that I add a few english words here and there when I'm not thinking about it. 
The great thing is that there are so many people whose houses I can go stay at, that I'm hoping not to get bored!
We hired a bus. To go to a beach resort. A BUS! Can you spot Kay?

3 Things Thursday is a weekly idea that three bloggers have come up with, Love Laugh MirchPink Chai Living, and The Write Balance. Do check them out!

DIY | Filing Cabinet

So I bought this filing cabinet from the Custard Factory. It was old, tattered and rusty. But I fell in love. I saw potential. And of course, I had no space for, nor a use. I paid £20 for this. 

The initial goal was to put it my room somewhere, so as my room was going to be white furnishings, I decided to paint it white. I went to B&Q and bought some metal paint and sanding paper. 

FYI: Can I just point out that the order in which I will write this DIY is not actually the order I did it in. I figured it out along the way. So some of my pictures might be a bit deceiving. Also, cover your floors. I didn't as we were getting rid of them anyway.

You will need:
- Filing cabinet 
- Metal Paint
- Sanding Paper for Metal
- A Cloth
- Scissors 
- A block for the sanding paper
- And an Assortment of Paint brushes
- Screwdriver
- Good Old (acrylic?) Paint in a colour of your choosing
- Something to clean metal paint off brushes; or like me, you will have to throw them away.

How to DIY:

1. Take the drawers out. Some ass had knocked the metal bits crooked, the bit where the drawers slide into, so it was a nightmare to take out. This is also contributed to my awkward order of painting. I knocked them back into place once the drawers were out. 

2. Start by sanding down the cabinet. If its old, it would most likely be rusty and bumpy, not great for painting over. So smooth it over. It'll still look rusty, but as long as its smooth, its fine. 

3. Wipe off the sanding dust with a wet cloth, and wait for it to dry. 

4. Start painting. Do thin layers. You do not want the paint to drip. Paint as many layers as you feel you need to get the coverage you need. I left the first layer to dry overnight before painting the second. I also didn't bother painting the inside. 

5. While the first layer is drying simply unscrew the handles from the drawers, and keep the screws somewhere safe. Back the handles your desired colour. I just used a copper acrylic paint, and put it to the side to dry. This will need going over, as its fiddly getting all the bits covered without wiping it off with your fingers. 

6. While the handles are drying, paint the drawers. I painted the insides, the front and if I could be bothered, the sides. Basically the bits you can see when its in the cabinet. I only painting one layer for the drawers.

7. Leave everything to dry overnight. So this took 2 nights overall. I didn't want to rush it and ruin it. Plus, I was dead tired after having literally painting all day - my room was being done at the same time! Post up soon.

8. Cut some card for the labels. use the bits you unscrewed, as a guide for the size. 

9. Put everything together! Start by screwing the handles back in, then slip the drawers back in, and finish with the labels.

10. You're done! 
This is just after it was done, with flash.
Here it is in its new home. In Kay's room! As some of you might now from a previous post, we have started selling custom blended beard oils (we make hair oils too, but haven't started selling that online yet), so this filing cabinet holds all our stock; bottles, oils, labels and packaging stuff. 

Of course if you want to add more to it, like printed paper on the drawers, or a painting on the sides, go ahead and do that before reassembling. 

Theres something so satisfying about making something old into something new! 
Have you guys transformed old filing cabinets? Please share!

Food Diaries: Spicy Parsnip Soup

Soups are as simple as they get. No chopping or cooking skills needed. In fact so simple barely any explanations needed.

Asian Bride Live

The Asian Bride Live event was actually very well organised. I know I sound surprised here but working with Asian people is never easy. We seem to have a whole different time zone going for us. 
There were 3 floors of exhibitions and a lot on offer. We don't have a wedding to plan but if you did chances were you might have found a lot of your suppliers here. 

Follow Us | Asian Bride Live Hammersmith Exhibition 2014

A few weeks ago we were invited to the Asian Bride Live event, held at the Novotel Hotel Hammersmith, London. We woke up bright and early and set off on the London Underground. It was on a Sunday which made the Undergound a joy to travel on.

#NOTD: Winter Oxblood Nails

Gift Ideas | Welcome Basket

As some of our regulars know we had a family wedding recently (outfits here and here), our cousin got married. His wife is completely new to Birmingham and doesn't really know anyone here. We'd only met twice before and didn't have time to talk. Of course, being lovely people we decided to welcome her to the family with a basket! 

It was Kayennat's idea, but as I was the one going into town that day, I bought everything and assembled it. Of course this is fully customisable, but here are some ideas of what you can put in it. 

(Sorry for the bad photos. I only had my phone with me at the time.)

Hand cream- because no one can have enough hand cream right? From Boots.
And of course a mug. For the hot chocolate! From Muji.

Here we have some honey. From Selfridges. 
Two postcards of her new home. From the street vendor on New Street. 

Hot Chocolate. From Hotel Chocolat.

A lovely smelling Yankee candle. From Clintons. 
Three chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. 

Jam. Just because. From Selfridges.

Cookies. From Millies Cookies. 

And the over all basket. Basket from TK Maxx. I wish I'd gotten myself one. 

It doesn't take much to welcome someone into your family, a simple gesture, like this, or a cake, or a pie, or even a card will do. Especially if that person is leaving their family, their home, their city, to come to yours. So please, if you are having someone join your family, I don't mean a baby, but someone who is getting married into your family, make the time and the effort to properly welcome them. It's not much to ask!

Hope this inspires you guys. 
Much love.

WELLNESS DIARIES: a few Detox days: Day 2

I started off day 2 with a green juice: pineapple, green apple, cucumber, broccoli, spinach and kale. If you're looking for a nice tasting green juice to try then I recommend this one.

WELLNESS DIARIES: A few Detox days: Day 1

Was feeling a bit sluggish so decided to do something about it. I wasn't in the mood to juice exclusively so chose to mix it up a little bit. I started on Wednesday night; had a detox tea and did a detox wrap.

Detox wrap: 
Coconut Oil 
Castor Oil
Epsom salt 
an essential oil (I love lemon) 

Mix in a bowl, rub onto your abdominal area and wrap yourself with cling film/saran wrap. Go lie down with a hot water bottle. This is really messy, so do stand in your shower/bath tub otherwise you will drop salt all over the floor like I did....but you will wake up FEELING very skinny. 

detox wrap

Wellness Diaries: Beat The Bloat

True story: Back in August I was going to a wedding and had bought a dress. 3 days before the event I couldn't fit in the dress (It did fit me fine a week before. I literally looked like I was a sponge and had swelled up with water (retaining extra water is linked to your menstrual cycle) and the dress wouldn't zip up! I searched the internet high and low and tried a whole bunch of de-bloating stuff. A day later I was fine and the dress fit like a glove. I felt even better because all that extra fluid I was carrying around had left. 

Current Loves: Kayennat's Summer Edition

 It's been a while since I've done one of these so I thought I'll do one for thing's I've been loving this past Summer. We are now well into Winter, we seem to have skipped Autumn here in the UK.

Beauty and Skincare Loves

Facial Oils: Love waking up with baby butt soft skin 
I really don't know why people bother with night cream!
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick: Gives such perfect looking skin
Illamasqua Blushers: Love 
Getting dolled up: I have so many lazy looking like a tramp days that I really enjoy getting made up to go out. 
Nails: Been absolutely loving doing my nails (Hubby doesn't feel the same, he thinks nail polish looks like poop. Is that a general guy feeling? Other guys have also told me they don't like nail polish). 

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick: No filters on the sefies; top one taken in direct sunlight (the best light ever I think), and below from the front camera

Do we not exist? A rant about being ignored in the beauty industry

Original Pic Here

This rant is inspired by Glossier (a new brand from the popular website Into The Gloss-ITG), but it is not exclusively about them. While reading a post by another blogger on skincare, she mentioned how excited she was to try out some very promising products from Glossier for her skin. I being a huge fan of ITG decided to click the link to find out more about the skin care line. There was this picture and it made me angry.