WELLNESS DIARIES: a few Detox days: Day 2

I started off day 2 with a green juice: pineapple, green apple, cucumber, broccoli, spinach and kale. If you're looking for a nice tasting green juice to try then I recommend this one.

best green juice

WELLNESS DIARIES: A few Detox days: Day 1

Was feeling a bit sluggish so decided to do something about it. I wasn't in the mood to juice exclusively so chose to mix it up a little bit. I started on Wednesday night; had a detox tea and did a detox wrap.

Detox wrap: 
Coconut Oil 
Castor Oil
Epsom salt 
an essential oil (I love lemon) 

Mix in a bowl, rub onto your abdominal area and wrap yourself with cling film/saran wrap. Go lie down with a hot water bottle. This is really messy, so do stand in your shower/bath tub otherwise you will drop salt all over the floor like I did....but you will wake up FEELING very skinny. 

detox wrap

Wellness Diaries: Beat The Bloat

True story: Back in August I was going to a wedding and had bought a dress. 3 days before the event I couldn't fit in the dress (It did fit me fine a week before. I literally looked like I was a sponge and had swelled up with water (retaining extra water is linked to your menstrual cycle) and the dress wouldn't zip up! I searched the internet high and low and tried a whole bunch of de-bloating stuff. A day later I was fine and the dress fit like a glove. I felt even better because all that extra fluid I was carrying around had left. 

Current Loves: Kayennat's Summer Edition

 It's been a while since I've done one of these so I thought I'll do one for thing's I've been loving this past Summer. We are now well into Winter, we seem to have skipped Autumn here in the UK.

Beauty and Skincare Loves

Facial Oils: Love waking up with baby butt soft skin 
I really don't know why people bother with night cream!
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick: Gives such perfect looking skin
Illamasqua Blushers: Love 
Getting dolled up: I have so many lazy looking like a tramp days that I really enjoy getting made up to go out. 
Nails: Been absolutely loving doing my nails (Hubby doesn't feel the same, he thinks nail polish looks like poop. Is that a general guy feeling? Other guys have also told me they don't like nail polish). 

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick: No filters on the sefies; top one taken in direct sunlight (the best light ever I think), and below from the front camera

Do we not exist? A rant about being ignored in the beauty industry

Original Pic Here

This rant is inspired by Glossier (a new brand from the popular website Into The Gloss-ITG), but it is not exclusively about them. While reading a post by another blogger on skincare, she mentioned how excited she was to try out some very promising products from Glossier for her skin. I being a huge fan of ITG decided to click the link to find out more about the skin care line. There was this picture and it made me angry.

Our Favourite Apps!

Redecoration | Nigar's Bedroom

The last time I did my room was when I was around 16 - that makes it 6 years. I have changed a lot since then. It used to be purple with cream carpet. Then I changed it to red walls, red ceiling, black furniture with brown laminated flooring and a red desk. I wanted a 'boudoir' look, think sexy draping and rich colours. But it ended up looking very .. angry. And with no draping. Plus I never got round to buying proper curtains (lets forget the 6 years), and have paper thin curtains, which has, in a way, helped me get accustomed to sleeping through bright days. I blame my bad moods on the colour of room. And lighting, OMG. Such a nightmare. I can't be on webcam without looking like a witch, very green! The red literally drinks in my light. I have a few mirrors, more than a few, dotted on two walls, but it doesn't do that much. 

So finally this year mom agreed to let me re-do my room, and as you do, I turned to Pinterest. And IKEA. 

This is my room as it is right now. I would have done the bed, but you deserve to see how I really live. :)

Skin Diaries | Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser Review

Im going to say this straight away. This is an amazing product. Its literally changed my skin care forever. This cleanser was originally made for men, but is so bloody amazing that I would grow a beard if need be. Now, onto why and how.

Oven Baked Rainbow Trout with Spicy Parsley Butter

I think everyone knows how good (oily) fish is for you. Everyone goes on about salmon that I think the other fish are just get forgotten about. Although I'm sure they're (the fish) not all that bothered. Rainbow Trout is a new favourite in our household. We discovered it on a shopping trip to Marks and Spencers during Ramadan, and was great as it filled us up, was healthy, and tasted so good! Now of course, the butter part isn't that healthy, but I think it really adds to the taste, as I've had it without the butter and its just not the same. However, I will add in an alternative at the end if you do not want to use butter. 

I will be having a post up soon all about the goodness of fish - along with some downsides. :0


Greaseproof Baking Paper - oven paper
A Block of Butter
Chilli Flakes
Salad of your choice



1. Wash your fillets well. This removes any sliminess that is on the fish - decreasing in the fishy taste. Pat them dry using a tissue - necessary so it doesn't stick to the baking paper while in the oven. Lay skin down. I normally eat two fillets for a meal  

Does anyone helps have kitchen towels around the sink to sock up water from the counter?!

2. Sprinkle your salt and pepper - I usually do about 2-3 twists of the salt grinder for both fillets, and go crazy with the pepper. Cut a few small blocks of butter - I do around 3 1 penny sizes per fish. Put it on top of the fillets and pop into the oven at full temperature (around 250 for my oven) for 15 minutes. It doesn't matter if you got a little over this time. 

3. In the mean time while your fish is baking, you can do the dishes, clean your kitchen, feed your cat. 

4. Around 10 minutes in, start preparing your plate. I usually add some baby/organic spinach, cut some cucumber, and add a bit of salt. Mom normally has baby salad, with pepper and avocado. 

5. Prep your butter. Cut a few more slices of butter, pop into a small pan. Add in your parsley and chilli flakes. For the sake of this post I put half and half into a table spoon, but as with most of our households cooking, I normally play it by eye and see how it goes. Cooking is an art! 

6. Before you melt the butter, wait for the fish to be done. Take it out once your 15 minutes are up - I find using a timer, be it an actual timer or one on your phone, very helpful. Use a spatula to plate the fish up.

7. Melt your butter. It literally takes a minute - maybe less depending on your small your blocks of butter are. Make sure not to burn it, as butter burns really easily in this quantity. Pour over your fish using a spoon, or if you're badass straight from the pan. 

8. Eat! 

Let us know if you guys try this! And if you added/changed anything - could inspire us! 
BTW - I take no credit not for this recipe as Kayennat taught me it. 

Much love!

A Weekend of Weddings: Wedding 2

Last Sunday, we had the final part of our cousin's wedding. See what we wore on the first day here.
I had seen a picture of Anushka Sharma on Instagram wearing an outfit that I fell in love with and had to have. I went to the fabric shop, found my fabric and went to my in law with my screenshot.

A Weekend of Weddings: Wedding 1

Last weekend was super busy, We had a mehendi, 2 receptions and a meetup with Caroline Hirons (More on that later). First up, the Saturday Reception. Held at the very lavishly decorated Tipu Sultan Restaurant in Birmingham. This restaurant is stunning and has the most beautiful floor length mirrors. I am really not a fan of their food, I've had better off the streets. It's like they blew their budget on the decor and had to hire mediocre chefs. Oh well, rant over!

Adventures on YouTube | Sister Tag Video

We got a phone with a pretty decent video camera. We also have a fake gorilla pod to attach the phone to. Add those together and what do you get? YouTube Videos!

Now I'm not promising tutorials of any sort. The S5 camera ain't that good. We did however, film a sister tag video a few weeks back, but it got backlogged due to work and weddings and events. I finally managed to finish editing it last night, and straight onto YouTube it went! 

Its not our first video, as I did do a What's in a my Bag video last year (as if its been so long.) and I've kept promising to make new videos but just never got round to it! I have such respect for people who put new videos up every few days. 

You can either check us out on YouTube, or watch down below! 

Follow Us | Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch Part 2

This post is dedicated to the actual "hair bit" of the night seeing this is a hair school launch! 

The catwalk was great, the music fabulous. There was 2 segments to this show and  segment 2 was my favourite, just because I liked the clothes and styling more. 

Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch

Follow Us | Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch Part 1

Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch

We were lucky to be able to attend the Aamir Naveed Hair School Launch on Sunday 14th September. For those of you who don't know who Aamir Naveed is, here's a short bio. He's a 21 (or 22..) year old who has made a huge name for himself within the asian fashion industry. He is not trained in hair. It all comes natural to him. There is no denying he is amazing at what he does! He was even the official hair stylist for the catwalk at the 2014 Asiana Bridal Show, and has styled Karishma Kapoor's hair for a photoshoot a couple of months ago. 

So the purpose of Sundays event was to launch his new hair school. It offers different workshops, depending on what you're looking for, and your skills, to seminars and portfolio days, where the students are able to work with models and photographers to build up their own portfolio. 

Here is a few pictures taken from his Facebook that I liked:

OOTD | First Two Weeks of Work Placement