Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony

Gluttony: derived from the Latin gluttire meaning to gulp down or swallow, means over-indulgence and over-consumption offooddrink, or wealth items to the point of extravagance or waste.

I am still recovering from last night as I write this. We went out for dinner and dessert last night and while we had a great time with great company, I think more than a few of us over indulged and were left feeling worse for wear. I literally couldn't breathe by the time I got home. Note for next time, it's dinner OR dessert, certainly not both. 

Didn't photograph our meals just because we were with other people; I had a veg pizza and Nigar a T-bone steak, but did manage to photograph the desserts:

Nigar's dessert: Crepe with raspberry and white chocolate ice cream with melted white chocolate  drizzle

My dessert: Waffles with Nutella drizzle, chopped hazelnuts and hazelnut ice cream. Hazelnut ice cream is the best dairy ice cream. Ever! 

Other people's desserts:

 Waffles with coconut ice cream and white and brown chocolate sauce. 

Waffles with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and strawberries. 

a blurry one but it  was so pretty in person: Brownie with chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. 

Waffles and ice cream was certainly one of the most popular option, and for good reason! They were just perfect and fluffy inside. The ice cream is gelato so no cheapie Wall's ice-cream here. 

It would have probably been best if we shared out dessert than opting for one each but noooo. At the very least they tasted amazing. Who cares that I'm still having problems breathing?!

Have you indulged lately and regretted it? 
Which one of these would you have? 
What is your favourite eating out dessert? 

*rolls over and just lies there* 

Wardrobe Diaries; A Tale Of 3 Dresses (Part 1)

We had a wedding to attend on the weekend and we were super excited as it's a close family wedding. I did plan for this post to be up on the weekend as a wardrobe preview but Nigar forgot the camera at home (face palm). 

We'd all decided to wear maxi dresses (can't remember the actual reason...) and it was a great decision. 

Nigar's outfit: 

dhgate maxi dress, how to style a maxi dress to a wedding, elie saab inspired

She chose a gorgeous custom made dusky pink Elie Saab inspired gown with a train. It was so pretty. She did plan on wearing the dress with the blue shoes for a pop of colour but they were too uncomfortable for her when she tried them on (she sprained her ankle a few months ago and hasn't been able to wear heels much) so she wore a different pair. 

My outfit: 

asos maxi dress, how to style a maxi dress to a wedding

I got this dress which had beads on the upper part and plain from the waist down. It was too long for me (coz am a shorty) and I had to get it shortened. This dress also had a small train. I chose some mid heels with a pop of colour and they were very comfortable. I had them on for about 7 hours and they did not hurt at all (and I was constantly on my feet). The beading work was really pretty. It looks white in the pictures but it was more of a soft cream colour in person. 

Mum's outfit: 

asos maxi dress, how to style a maxi dress to a wedding

Mum's outfit was really heavy. It's a soft nude colour maxi dress with beading all over. She chose these gorgeous glittery shoes. She's not normally a heels person but she did say these weren't uncomfortable. While her outfit looks the plainest, she did look the best on the night! She looked like a princess.

How would you style these dresses? How would you do your hair and makeup? What's your favourite? 
Check back on Wednesday to see how we actually wore them on the day. 

Have a great day. 

Instagram Roundup

So we've had a pretty busy few weeks. In the meantime here's a roundup of all our Instagram pics for a quick catch up from the last 2 weeks 3 weeks! It's hair week here this week so don't forget to tag us using the hashtag #desidossierhair. 
edit:  Had to interrupt posting for our hair week as we are a bit caught up with a family wedding. I'll post the remaining hair posts next week. Apologies!

Starting off with a beautiful moody face picture of Kay
Onto a baking adventure of making Friands. 

The final product! It was so nice, and looks so pretty.
I got inspired to try a dhoti sari after Raj from Pink Chai mentioned it on her facebook page. I used this tutorial from Miss Malini. 
Kayennat posted her amazing juicing diaries, so if you haven't tried it out, then please do!

My new dress for my cousins wedding arrived! Here's a sneak peak.

Kay's ombre nails; these are the polishes she used.

And my electric blue nails! 
Kayennat's face of the day products.

And her attempt at showing how she contours and highlights. 

Rings anyone?

Wedding Selfieeee
Family Car Selfiee

hello good skin.....

Kay had another wedding the day after 

Tried the new L'oreal Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and love the results 

Kay made some home made, 100% natural deodorant (it's the bomb she says) 

and she's dying her hair copper. Hair woes when you need 2 box of  dyes for your locks 

Shopping Selfie 

Sister Sister.....

A few of Kayennat's nail of the days 

and her gorgeous splatter nails

I worked out with the bunny 


and Kay discovered a new hair treatment (It's amazing and smells delicious)

Click here to read all about it! 

Did a feather nail manicure! 

A quick OOTD

Attended the #selfridgesbbloggers event. It was great fun

Kay and her ring obsession 

and her jewellery for the wedding today

Sneak peak at our outfits 

And some late night doodling for the guest book! 

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@thedesidossier @kayennat @nigar_

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Have a great weekend 


Hair Week: Ethiopian Hair Secret

I recently read an article about Liya Kebede (an absolutely stunning Ethiopian model, mother, role model and maternal health advocate). Her hair is gorgeous, and she spoke about how she teaches her daughter to braid her hair. There's a lot of pressures on women of with Afro type hair and for their hair to look sleek, and I think all Desi people need to learn something here because we're often told we're not "fair" enough, and our hair are not "sleek" enough. Curly hair isn't deemed beautiful. Brown skin isn't attractive. I love that she's teaching her young daughter to embrace her natural hair texture and not follow blindly set Western beauty standards.

She spoke about how when she goes back to Ethiopia she gets these treatment which is a local secret where home made clarified butter (ghee) is applied to hair and leaves hair really healthy. Me being me was instantly intrigued. I'd never heard of this before. I stayed up and googled as one does. There wasn't a lot about this on the net, so I set to make my own ghee as it's not a ingredient we keep in the house. She made a point of saying that the clarified butter was organic and home made. I read a post on how to make ghee and off I went with my butter. Set it on the pan and watched in amazement as it turned into ghee. I poured my ghee into a container and took a whiff and oh my God, it smelt of gulab jamuns. Such a delicious smell. I was planning on dying my hair that day so I tested the ghee on hair treatment on Nigar and mum. Both were so impressed. Nigar felt  like she wanted to eat her hair (all her words here not mine), her hair felt smooth and silky, and easy to style. It washed out with normal shampoo as well. 

I've made another batch of ghee to use on my hair this week.
I used it on my hair and it's made my hair very soft and really really silky (a little too silky because when I curled my hair, my curls were a little limp, but that's okay). It did wash out in one shampoo (I used a sulphate free one). I left it on my hair overnight. At first I smelt like a gulab jamun and as the night moved on the smell turned pungent. It wasn't overly overpowering, but I'd recommend to only leave on for a few hours.

How to make ghee: 


A lump of unsalted butter (use organic if you can, I didn't have any)
A saucepan
A container to store your ghee in 
{This whole process took me about 5 ish minutes}

Cut the butter into cubes and put in the saucepan 
Turn on a very low heat 
Watch it melt 

Slowly the butter will start to boil and separate in 2 layers: a white foamy layer on top, and  gold layer in the bottom. 

Slowly start to skim the foamy layer off with a spoon. Be careful not to burn yourself.  

A third layer will start to form at the bottom which will be darker brown. This means your ghee is now done. 

Remove all you can of the white foam, then slowly strain the gold liquid through a sieve (a metal one, I used a plastic one the second time and obviously it melted).

Pour gently and avoid pouring the darker brown into your jar. Store and use as needed. As it cools down it will turn into a more solid texture (as in the first picture)

 That's normal. Just warm it up before applying to your hair for easier application. You can also use this for cooking. 

Ever tried this nifty little hair trick? 
Intrigued enough to try it? 
Hashtag us on twitter/Instagram using #desidossierhair if you try it 

Have a great hair week.