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Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Mani | Shivan & Narresh 2015/16 Henri's Garden Inspired

shivan and narresh 2015 nails

Shivan and Narresh makes amazing swimwear/beachwear/resort wear at dare I say pretty affordable prices for designer pieces. See the pictures from the Lakme 2015/2016 show at Vogue.in here.  I saw these nails a little while ago on Instagram and fell in love with them. Uber simple and super effective. They were created by @tashaonline and they so so fun. It's a pity the eye make up was covered by the sunglasses that most of the models ended up wearing out on the catwalk. 

shivan and narresh 2015 nails

shivan and narresh 2015 nails

The beauty of this manicure is that it requires no skills and no precision. 

You'll need:

A white nail polish (Revlon gel envy Sure Thing)
a black nail polish (Revlon parfumerie Expresso)

a blue nail polish (Sinful Colors  Cinderella)
a yellow nail polish (Model's Own Luis Lemon)

a top coat (HK Girl Top Coat)

step 1: 

using the nail brush paint a  horizontal stripe across the top of your nails 

shivan and narresh 2015 nails

step 2: drop a thin blob of black polish in the middle of your nails. allow to dry for about 30 seconds

shivan and narresh 2015 nails

step 3: drop  thin blob of blue at the bottom of the black and drop a thin blob of yellow polish between the black and the white stripe 

shivan and narresh 2015 nails

step 4: allow to dry and apply your top coat and get ready to rock your nails*

Follow @tashaonline
@ shivanandnarresh
@narresh on Instagram 

*I ended up staying home in my sleeping t-shirt , nothing wrong with that! 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Travel Diaries | Some of my looks; Nigar

Those of you who follow us on Instagram would have already seen some of these looks, but here is are a few from our holiday. There are loads of outfits that I didn't photograph and now feel sad about not doing so. Oops! 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Songs: The Anti-Valentines Play List

Valentines Day is upon us and while I love all things to do with love, I can't help but find that as I grow older, my tolerance for the day fades. It's fake and pretentious and filled with annoying couples who decides they must go out to celebrate on this day to show the world how happy they are. To celebrate I am sharing my Anti-Valentines Day Bollywood playlist, which is full of my favourite sad Bollywood songs. 

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