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This is my baby! His name is Monkey, and we've had him since the end of May. We lost our previous bunny at the end of April, and because we couldn't stand the emptiness that it left in our life we decided to get this little fellow. My mother thought he looked like a monkey, and acted like a monkey due to his over active climbing skills, hence the name. 
He's a lovely little boy, even though he can be such a nuisance at times. But we still love him all the more 


So as these photos show, we took him to the park for a few hours, and he had so much fun! Which is weird because he doesn't like going in the back garden. We think that is because he doesn't like cats, and there are a few cats in the vicinity. The weirdest thing is, that he ran towards a dog. Very happily, and the dog was very happy to see him too. We'll see how another meeting goes next time we go to the park. 

Hope the pictures of this beautiful bunny brightens up your day :)
Much Love, 


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