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Elie Saab - Wedding Dress

So I've been after my sister to post this for over a week now, and since she isn't gonna do it, I thought I might as well  :)

This dress was part of the Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Such a gorgeous dress, gorgeous colour, and gorgeous girl. I personally love Mila Kunis. 

This dress was the inspiration for Kay's wedding dress, as you can see by the pics, its the same dress, just with a more modest neck line , not see through, and with sleeves, and of course, in white. This is the dress she wore to the registry wedding, because us brown folk like to be awkward and have a million days for one wedding.

But isn't Kay just soooooo beautiful! I loved her in it. My mother cried, obviously, she's that lovely woman in the back of the second picture.

Now obviously, this dress is by a designer, a very expensive designer at that, but this dress could be yours for a fraction of that price! We paid just over £100 for this dress, made to your size, colour, with the higher neck and sleeves added!

The DHgate website were we got it from is an online only store, a bit like eBay, which sells products made my China, for a very reasonable price, and they are a B2B site, so they sell bulk items cheaper, but they do do single item transactions as well. They have a wide range of dress, and other items. The only problem is that some of the sellers were a bit iffy. After taking the order, they had a wide range of excuses as to why the dress never arrived when it should have. And after we changed to the seller linked below, my sister got her dress 2 weeks before the wedding. And of course she's be stressed about that, 2 weeks before the wedding, and no dress, but she had a backup choice in Monsoon, so that was alright. 

Hope you guys find this website useful! 
Much Love!


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