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It was my best friends Charlene's birthday last week, and she finally turned 20!  :D 
She's now an oldie like me. I took her for a date to Nandos and the cinema and I thought I'd share our pictures, with our outfits :D

This is unfortunately the only full length picture I have of us :(
My outfit: Striped top, Maxi Skirt, Coral Wedges and Waterfall Biker Jacket, all from New Look. 
Didn't realise my whole outfit was from New Look until now :')
I also added an orange belt to tie the look together, with my lovely dusky pink bag from Malaysia. 

Charl's outfit: Dip Hem Black Skirt and Black and White Animal Print top: H&M , Leather Jacket: Red Herring, Khaki Skull Scarf and Brown Swede Wedges: Primark, Brown Bag: Karen Millen. 

Most of these items aren't available in stores anymore as they were purchased more than a season ago, but of course there are always alternative items. 
Both jackets should still be in stock in stores, as should the brown swede wedges.

If you're an August baby, then I wish you had a lovely birthday! 

Thank you for stopping by,
Much Love,


  1. Love the outfits! Especially the skull scarf, I had the same one but lost it :'( I've looked in every primark for another one but they arent selling them. I dont suppose I could it buy it from you? I'd really appreciate it :)

    1. Hey Josie, sorry for the late reply, and sorry, the scarf is my friends, so I cant.
      Sorry again

  2. Hi Nigar - sorry i havent replied (exams :( ) can i trouble you to ask her please - i'd be willing to pay £15...its just i really do need to replace this scarf for my sister, I feel awful for losing it x

  3. Looking so nice


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