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My Room at Uni

I'll be moving out of here soon enough, and I'm just so proud of what I've done with this space that I had to share it. It's changed a little since the beginning of the year, but mostly organisation wise.

Most university accommodation's are really horrible, and very plain - the one I am staying in however, even though it is plain, it is still lovely, with quality furniture and design. It's called Code, and is £105 a week. Now this is a lot for accommodation, especially since it excludes electricity, but that is changing next year on. We do however, get free internet, gym and a TV. 

The room itself comes with a double bed, sofa, TV, desk with a chair, 3 wardrobes, kitchen and en-suite. The kitchen and en-suite were so important to me as I hated sharing a kitchen last year, and do not want to share my bathroom with anyone. I really loved this room. It was a perfect blank canvas for me to have fun. 

So this is it, the overall look - as you can I like stuff, and clutter, as long as it is tidy clutter of course. 

I love pillows, are have 6 on my bed, along with a cushion -  and a fluffy blanket. I have also added a blanket on the sofa as it gets a bit cold. I have covered my wall in pictures of those close to me as well as some painted canvas'. The most important part of making any room your own is in the detail. I added an Ikea square table which has been so helpful, especially for eating dinner. 

I have added little bits of paper out into shapes of butterflies and birds, as well as other little tit-bits. Kayennat got me the "Lets talk about how Fabulous you think I am" plaque, which I absolutely love!

As with Kay, I also love Yankee candles' especially Christmas Cookie! Such a wonderful heavenly smell.  

I love my Teddies and have stacked them up in the corner of my bed on top of my bookcase. I hate empty window sills and so have put candles on one, and my cute tit-bits. 

I have added much on my table - mostly things I use on a daily basis. Like my beauty products, brushes, jewelry and my laptop. 

I keep my brushes and GHD's in a small yellow bucket from the Pound Shop. 

My makeup is kept in three small stackable drawers - the first being face products, second containing my lipsticks and the third containing random bits. 

I keep my makeup brushes in two jars. Face brushes in an empty medium sized Yankee candle jar, and eye brushes in an old candle holder. 

 I love my jewelry organisation. Earrings and some rings are kept in a small cake tower from TKMaxx. Necklaces are hung on a candle/jewelry holder from TKMaxx as well, whereas everyday necklaces are kept on a candle plate. My bracelet holder is from India and is so convenient. The bars are easily removed making access to them easy. 

And this is where the magic happens! My baby, my laptop. I have a HP Pavilion dv6. With fingerprint scanner and all.

I will truly miss this room, but alas, this university year must come to an end. God knows where I am going to put all my stuff when I get back home. 


  1. OMG that's where my bangle stand is, I've been looking for it everywhere!

  2. The entire room is so pretty! And I love your blog. So glad I came across it :)

  3. The room looks so warm and cheery! Absolutely love what you've done with it. :)

  4. Oh, your room is so lovely and warm. You must really feel at home even in university. :) And, you and Kayennat have incredible organisational skills!


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