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This is such a long over-due post, but I am finally getting to it.

Mid 2012 my brother-in-laws sister got married, it was a small family affair, so not much extravagance. 
I live for getting dressed up, absolutely love it, and me and Kay are normally the ones that are always over dressed to almost anything. 
I do however think this sari was just perfect.

We bought it from India in 2004 when we first went over.
For some reason no one ever wore it, and when I had the chance I claimed it for myself!
This was the first time I had worn a sari, and I've fallen in love. 

It's the most beautiful pale teal colour, and has small beading work in pale pinks and white around the border.
I paired it with a white blouse, and minimal jewelry, as I wanted the Maang Tikka to be my statement piece. The only other piece of jewelry I wore was a stack of pearl bracelets. 

The Maang Tikka was purchased from Kyles Collection on Ladypool Road, Birmingham, for around £65 I think. It was part of Kay's Bridal Jewelry, as seen below, but she did not actually wear it to the venue. 
Now I had trouble to actually get the tikka to stay in place, and had to use eyelash glue to stick it to my forehead. It was absolutely fine afterwards, but left glue residue on my forehead when I removed it.

Much love,


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