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So I had a reception to attend this weekend and I ended up wearing this outfit again (worn last November for a wedding). The lehenga was from CTC Emporio in Karol Bagh, Delhi and cost around 15,000 Rupees Indian (about £180 pounds). I had fallen in love with it the moment I saw it and was adamant that they shop made it to fit me (they said there was not enough fabric for my size) but in the end it was mine.

The lehenga is all threadwork but is still pretty heavy. I felt this was appropriate to wear as a wedding guest. It's a mermaid-style skirt with netting inside so can be fluffed up as needed. I wore them with simple khusas as I could not be bothered with heels. Jewellery is from Chohans. It is my first stop for Asian jewellery as not only are the prices super affordable, they also carry a huge range of jewellery and can change stones to whatever colour is needed instantly. Plus they have awesome customer service, something that I feel is lacking from most Asian shops in England!

Unfortunately, I did not remember to take a full length picture of myself in the outfit! However, next to this is a sneak peak of what the bride wore; I cut her head off as I did not ask for her permission to post : )
Her lehenga was a more hot vibrant pink in real life and mine is a darker magenta, the colours ended up looking similar due to the flash.


  1. Pretty pretty! Love the lehenga and the earrings!

  2. Lovely outfit!

    I always buy my lenghas from Karol Bagh whenever I'm in India. I haggle like mad, haha!



    1. Isn't it amazing just to be in Karol Bagh? It has such an amazing atmosphere and there's shops to be found in every nook and cranny.

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