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Get The Look: Sonam Kapoor Cannes' The Great Gatsby Look

Here I have recreated Sonam Kapoor's makeup look from her first night on the red carpet at Cannes. I loved this look. It was classy with all the needed drama for the premier of a movie like The Great Gatsby. 

1. Prime skin (Here I used Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 220, with Mac Pro Long Wear in NW25. Blended in with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush). Apply lip balm. 
2. For blusher, I used Illamasqua's Powder Blusher in Thrust.
3. I highlighted my nose, cheeks and brows with Illamasqua's Gleam Highlighter in Aurora.
4. I used Illamasqua's Neural Eye-shadow Quad in Wolf for my brows, using a bit of Obsidian to darken it in places.

1. Prime eyes for more vibrant and longer lasting eye shadow - I used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden.
2. Apply a neuteral colour all over - I used Naked from Urban Decay's Naked Palette -  try not to get it over your lashes like I did ..
3. Then apply a darker nude in the crease of my eye using Buck, from the Naked Palette. 

4. For the glitter, I used a few products. 
     -> Starting off with Sidecar from the Naked Palette - working it from the inner corner in           
          (the glitter seemed to be be focused on the inner corners) 
     -> I then went over the inner corner with Illamasqua's Pure Pigments in Ore and just a 
          tad bit of Beguile
     -> I also applied the glitter to underneath of my eyes, in the corner. 

5. Liner! This look is kind of all about the eyeliner - using Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner
     -> Start off with doing the flick - I started off from the end of eye upwards. 
          (Yes I know it doesn't look the same as hers, but this is because of our different eye 
          shapes, and the fact that I am not a fully trained MUA :) )
     -> After this, do the rest of the eye, keeping it thin from the corners, joining it up to 
          the flick.

     -> Take the liner under the eyes as well, but keeping it very thin, use a slanted eye liner 
          brush if need be.
     -> Lastly, she used a silvery liner, but as I did not have this, I tried using a silver shadow 
          as a liner, but I looked ghastly. So I changed it to a black liner. 
6. Apply mascara and false lashes (optional).


The Final Look!


Hopefully you have found this helpful!
Much love!


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