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Glitter Tipped Nails!

I love glitter tipped nails. It makes such a change to french manicures. And it doesn't even need to be tidy! I'm not that tidy when it comes to nail polish, and end up using a lot of que-tips to tidy my nails up afterwards. Another way to cleaning up nail polish from your cuticles is to do it before a shower, the water softens it up and you can easily just scrape it up with your fingers.

 I tend to mostly do nude polishes with gold glitter, but there are so many variations! 

Here are a few pictures of my own nails! 
H&M Nerd with L'Oréal Color Riche Nails, Top Coat in Confetti
I cant find what this green was, but it was tipped off with Essie's Beyond Cozy
Nerd with Stay Golden, both H&M

These are a few that I have found via Pinterest, and just love!

Much Love!

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