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Job Seeking: How to take a decent professional profile picture (and what not to post)

Nuzhah needs a professional-ish photograph for her LinkedIn account so we thought we'd document the process :)

While going through other people's profiles we quickly realised that some people post bad pictures (in our opinions) and no picture is better than a bad picture.

What not to post up:

To put it mildly it's just bad. Her hair is messy, the background is busy, her expression is a bit *mug-shot* like. The scarf print is clashing with her top. It basically looks like she made no effort.

This is a much better photo; her hair is presentable, the clashing scarf is no longer in the way, she has a smile which makes her look friendly and approachable (this is for a professional networking site and not a passport so we think a smile is allowed ). She looks polished.

And we didn't think we needed to say this but whilst on LinkedIn we saw a lot of posing no nos!

This is fine for social networking, so keep it for Facebook and away from LinkedIn and other professional sites as it screams immature :)

Makeup Breakdown: 

Illamasqua Orange Pencil (to cover under eye darkness)

Illmasqua Powder Eyeshadow in Justify (I think it's Justify as the name has rubbed off)
Urban Decay Shading Brush (free with a palette) 

What are your dos/don'ts when it comes to taking a professional-ish photo? 

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