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Indian Inspired Jewellery

There's been a increase of Indian inspired jewellery in the mainstream western market. 
It started off when Karl Lagerfeld used the Tikka in his pre-fall 2012 Chanel runway show. Some of these pieces are lust-worthy, whereas some are just .. meh. For example the tikka and ear cuff combination. 

I adore the middle one, want it soooo much. I don't know what I would wear it with, but if I had a lust for list, this would be on top!

Asos have taken on this trend and released some of their own creations. 

Oasis Rhinestone Anklet: Silver for £10
ASOS Nose Ring & Linked Cross Earring: Gold tone nose rings with silver tone chain for £8
ASOS Mini Lampshade Tassel Earrings: Gold & Silver for £6
ASOS Hoop & Bell Earring: Gold for £8

 ASOS Hanging Flower Crown Headband: Rose Gold for £10
River Island Simple Skull Crown Head Band: Gold for £8
ASOS Pearl Hand Harness: Gold and Cream for £6

ASOS Petal Tikka & Ear Cuff: Crystal for £10
ASOS Pretty Vine Tikka: Silver Crystal & Gold Pink for £8

These are a lot cheaper than buying from Asian stores in England, and easier to wear I guess as most the Tikka's are bands that go around your head. 
I love how Asian jewellery has now become mainstream, even though it is weird seeing them being worn with Western clothing!

Much Love!


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