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Kayennat's and Khizer's Wedding: The Registry

On April 7th 2012, at 11am, Kayennat had her registry wedding.
This was the day she became Mrs Toofany-Syed (not officially  but that's the name on the mug and we're sticking to it!) 

I, being the amazing me, was maid of honor, and I think I played it well! 
Kay's dress was a copy of an Elie Saab dress. I've already done a post of it here.

Me and Kay did our own makeup, as well as mommies, and the flower girls hair and little touches of makeup. 

We made a lot of mess on the floor! Mommies bedroom mirror is the best in the house due to its size and the light in there is amazing too. So many people can get ready at the same time. 

I know a lot of brides fear doing their makeup themselves, but it really isn't all that scary. If you're happy doing your make-up on a daily basis, then why not .. I shall do another post and rant about this! 

Mothers was a gorgeous bring fuchsia maxi dress from Asos. This was over a year ago, so it is out of stock, but I've linked it in anyway. We cut some material off the bottom, as we are all very short, and used it to make sleeves. I do not for the life of me understand why the majority of maxi dresses out there are no sleeves. I do not like my underarms to be out. I do not like seeing other people's underarms, so please stop doing it! 

Me and Kayennat both hate what is name "mother-of-the-bride" dresses because they are frumpy, too matchy-matchy (with the dress, and the blazer/cardi .. ew.) and so our mommy got a beautiful dress that she felt wonderful in, and she looked tooo cute! 

My dress was a hand made dress stitched by Kay's mother-in-law based on the silhouette of a dress I had picked up from Monsoon with a simple ribbon tied around the waist, a statement necklace, a small stack of pearl bracelets and a brown faux crocodile skin clutch. 

The bouquets and button hole flowers were all made by us. We made out own individual bouquets. I added pearls to the stem and Kay added ribbon. The flowers were purchased from eBay and turned out very lovely - we still have them so it makes for a wonderful memorabilia. 

Kabir and Wardaa are our nephew and niece, i.e. the ring boy and the flower girl! Her dress was from Monsoon, and was absolutely gorgeous, and made me very jealous! I wanted that dress!

And here, taking up the main duty of the maid of honor, making sure the bride looks good!

Nuzhah's dress was a gown that she picked up in India, from Roshans, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, India. Such a pretty dress! But unfortunately we didn't get a full length picture of her outfit - next time!

The photographers did an amazing job capturing the moments!

Adore this picture, where Kayennat and Khizer are the focus of the picture, while all of us are in movement! Beautiful!

Kayennat's lovely Puit D'amour: these are so nice!

The photographers were a lovely couple called Georgia and Chaz, who own a company called C and G weddings. I worked with Georgia for a brief period and saw her pictures one day and thought they were stunning. I instantly asked her if she did weddings as this was the kind of photography Kay wanted. They knew how to capture the correct moments, and were not boring like most Asian photographers! So we managed to get away from the string of boring, standard, posed pictures! 

I personally loved them, as they are so talented and very lovely people! 
Highly highly recommended! 
Much Love!


  1. Love the photo's and such a descriptive post! I can imagine the whole sequence.

    Absolutly love the brides and maid of honor dress!

  2. Thank you :) We have the rest of the wedding posts coming up soon if you want to keep a look out for that!

  3. wow all pic are so nice.


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