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Statement Summer Jewellery

Jewellery in the summer; the brighter, the bigger,the bolder, the better! (except the sun has sort of disappeared for the meantime).

Here's a few of my picks from my collection (most of these are last season's but similar can be found in many places)

I have just realised while editing this post that all the bracelets/bangles are from H&M (The first row are from this season, however their website is rubbish and couldn't find anything to link, similar bangles found here). Blue is a colour that I normally don't get along with but I really liked the blue bracelets and thought why not :) The ring I am sure I "borrowed" from Nigar.

This entire stash is from Primark and the hot pink one and salmon coloured one were picked up for 50 pence during the sale! I really feel in summer one can wear much more jewellery and get away with it, so statement earrings, statement necklace and statement arm candy!

I love statement earrings (both featured here are from Forever21) and very rarely will I ever be caught in dainty jewellery- I don't see the point of dainty jewels and my only exception is maybe a pair of dainty earrings when worn with a lot of loud pieces. Dainty necklaces are a complete no-no for me. Nigar, on the other hand likes both dainty pieces and loud statement pieces.
I've had a lot of exams recently so I feel like I haven't shopped in ages! 

What are some of your favourite statement (or dainty) pieces for the Summer (or lack of if you're in England)?


  1. The necklaces are gorgeous!

  2. wow nice post..


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