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Job Seeking: Video Interview!

Another interview post!
This time its me.

I just had a video interview for an internship for my sandwich year. This is like normal interviews, just that your talking to the camera, and getting asked questions by the computer instead of being in person with the interviewer. 

So the first tip. PRACTICE! 
It can be a bit weird as you have to talk to the camera and not the screen. 
I practiced for two hours and still it was daunting. 
Also, try to acquire the questions through the internet as some very lovely people post their questions up. (I'm not posting mine up because I have only just done it, and don't want to risk the wrath of the company!)

Record yourself speaking, and then playback the video so you can hear yourself and make sure you sound fine. 

The second is that you need to look like you would for an actual interview. I made sure that wore the same outfit that I would do if I was sitting in front of an interviewer. 
I wore a white blouse and a cream coloured blazer, both from H&M. I'm not one for black blazers, so the cream one was very me. 

I kept my makeup simple, but wore a pretty orange-red lipstick which is relatively understated. It looks a lot more orange in pictures then it does in real life. 

Thirdly, make sure the background isn't busy and cluttered. You don't want anything to distract from you and what you're saying. 

This was the background of my interview. This was probably the most uncluttered background, with the best light. Never have the light source behind you. Always in front - works better. 

I had so much while practicing, love my webcams extra settings!

Good luck to anyone who has any interviews coming up!

Much love,


  1. Love your makeup in this! What lipstick is that?

    1. Just asked her, she said it was Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Orange :)

  2. looking nice in every pic.


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