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Heat Wave Outfit

We finally have a summer in England and it's being glorious. It's really humid and muggy so this has been my go to outfit to beat the heat while staying comfortable (I am aware that comfort is not a style but sometimes comfort is all that matters :) )

Basic White Tee from H&M
Trousers from New Look 
(can't find the exact ones to link but they do still have them in-store)
Thong Sandals from Primark
(best place for sandals) 
and OF COURSE antiperspirant- Sure (it always lets me down! ) 

What are your favourite beat the heat outfits?
and what is the antiperspirant that doesn't let you down? 


  1. Simple and chic outfit! The trousers do all the talking!

  2. And you can have a look at some of my go-to 'beat the heat outfits' here

  3. Thanks for sharing....


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