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Lazy Girl''s Meal (Or Guy's)

This is such a quick meal requiring little to no effort using the Maggi So Juicy Meal Bag. Now I know these have been around for a little while but I wasn't interested/didn't care as I am a whizz in the kitchen so pre-made foods spices don't really interest me much. I picked one of these up after I heard good things about them from my cousin who has children. She really liked the how easy it was to use and very convenient for her while looking after her 2 children. I picked up "Mixed Herbs" from Asda (my favourite supermarket, I am an Asda girl through and through) and they cost about 98 pence depending where you get them from.  Inside you get the cooking bag, the seal for the bag and the flavouring spices.  I made the mixed herbs one with chicken legs and they were pretty yummy, I was going out and food needed to be ready for when I came back so I thought I might as well give these a try. The chicken was cooked really well and remained juicy. The kitchen snob in me was pretty impressed. I got a couple of more flavours to try and today's "tutorial" is using the paprika flavour with chicken breasts (note: the fat content of these flavours differs between the flavours so do keep that in mind, Paprika had a way more fatty content than Mixed Herbs, which I only noticed after I made it).

Maggie So Juicy sachet
4 X Chicken Breasts (or 8 Drumsticks)
an oven dish 
Garlic Chicken is pictured here as I accidentally deleted the Paprika one from my camera 

1. Wash and trim visible fat off the chicken breast
2. Poke holes with knife so flavour can enter the chicken 
3. Place in the Maggie bag with the flavoring and rub until it's evenly spread
4. Tie the bag at the top (bag expends in oven)
5. Place in oven dish and put in oven (I preheated my oven at 180 degrees)

6. Cook for instructed time (in this case 35-40 mins) 
7. Take out of the bag ( open away from your face as a lot of steam comes out)
8. Chop into small pieces 
9. Garnish and serve 

Maggi So Juicy Paprika 

I served mine with cucumber, spinach, red onions, lemon and mint sauce. Drizzle remaining sauce over chicken. 

Verdict: These are a super easy meal to prepare so I'd always keep a couple in the back of the pantry for when I can't be bothered days. I did prefer Mixed Herbs and I do prefer how the chicken legs tasted (I am very picky with chicken and don't like the reheated chicken taste and this reminded me slightly of reheated chicken). So I think I'd stick to that in the future. My husband really enjoyed it though, he said he'd eat it again.

Bon Appetit 


  1. Wow! This looks interesting! I just hope I can find it here in India!

    1. If you can't find this, then look for "roasting bags" then you can just add your spices + a tiny bit of oil and bake as usual in the bag.

  2. Thanks for sharing.


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