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Red Head?

So this is more of a question than a post. My hair has a natural red undertone to it. So when I dye it lighter, that coppery ginger colour comes through. And I hate it!

I ombre'd my hair early this year and hated that gingery colour and promised never to do it again. But, alas. I went and re-ombre'd it at home over the weekend using L'Oreal's Paris Feria by Preference in Extreme Platinum Power. I guess I'm going to have to do it again once for to get the desired affect. Why is Kayennat not here with me! Working away from home in London isn't all that. 

Have any of you guys managed to lighten your hair without ending up ginger? If so, please share! or link me to your blogs or blogs you read that have managed this.

Oh, and what do you guys use to keep it looking healthy .. my split ends have all come back now.

(photo's will be up as soon as I've finished the process)

Hope you guys have a good week! Four more days till its Friday!

Much love,


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