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Roast Chicken

Seriously, roast chicken is the easiest thing to make. Marinate, let it soak, put it into the oven, let it roast away. Done!
Now I only like the leg of a chicken, so I don't always make a whole chicken, but it would be the same. 
Tip when making a whole chicken: Cut it first! This makes like so much easier afterwards as you don't have to struggle with the chicken and burn yourself. Also, it ensures that the chicken cooks faster, and better.

What you'll need:
2/3 Lemons
How ever many chilies you can handle want 

How to make it: 

Start by squeezing the lemons in a bowl. Add chopped chilies  a dash of oil, salt, pepper, and what ever other seasoning you want. I normally only add thyme, but if I am feeling adventurous I'll add paprika, oregano and chili powder as well. Mix well and leave for now.

Wash your chicken pieces and put in a sauce pan (or equivalent) to boil. This is so important because:
     1. It cleans all the crap out from the chicken
     2. It decreases the time it needs to roast, as it cooks while boiling (obviously)
When it's been there for about 15-20 mins, take it out and pour all the water away.
Dip each chicken piece into the marinate, and then place in a casserole dish. Pour the remaining marinate over and let it sit. 

You can use this time to do the other things like potatoes, and vegetables. 
We added some chopped red peppers, and a red onion. Sprinkled some chopped chilies and more thyme over the top, and you're done!

Put into the oven and let it cook away for about 40 mins -an hour, until its brown. 
Tip to check if its cooked: Insert a knife into the chicken, if the juice is running clear, then it is cooked!
Serve with potatoes, salad, and of course Yorkshire puddings!

Hope you enjoy :)

Much love,

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  1. Nigar, I am drooling just looking at the photo. I am not a great (or even a decent) cook but you make this dish look so easy. I'll defo give it a try and write to you about it.



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