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We attended a wedding today and it was so beautiful.  We'd like to wish the couple a very happy and blessed marriage.The food was yummy, the decor was gorgeous, the cake was beautiful and the speech by the groom's friend was absolutely hilarious and definitely the best one I've heard in person! Enjoy the pictures (the pictures don't do the decor justice as ambiance lighting was used and it's so hard to capture that essence): 

From left clockwise: Nigar with her favourite Nars Manhunt Lipstick, My blingy earrings, me, and Nigar's new hair which we are in the middle of ombre-ing
The bride's outfit was beautiful and created by Yasmeen Mahmood (whose exhibition is later on today in Birmingham, so you Brummie lot can attend). We unfortunately didn't get any good shots of her outfit but we are expecting them soon so will update when we get them. 

Hope you guys are enjoying the heat wave :) 

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