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What I Wore Today

So I've been MIA because 
a. I have to work and I obviously can't sort out my priorities (blog comes first!) 
b. There's no decent mirror to take pictures of my outfits! and 
c. I don't have a camera to take pictures on!

The sorrow.
But alas, here is my outfit for today! Also, I am wearing a cardigan, not featured in this picture. Yes, in this 'heatwave'. This is because work loves the AC being set to 50 degrees below body temperature. 

Blue Floral Wide Leg Trousers | Tan Lace Up Cage Wedges | Basic Black Top

Much Love!

EDIT: These trousers don't come with pockets and as it was too long for Nigar anyway we had it taken up and used the spare fabric to make pockets. By we I do mean my lovely Mother In Law :)

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  1. Love the wide-legged trousers! I think they are called Palazzo pants and are quite a rage atm. I'm yet to buy one!


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