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Chand Raat Birmingham

Chand Raat is a pretty new thing for us in Birmingham. It's the night before Eid where all the shops are open and special offers are put on clothes and jewellery. The mehendi/ Henna artists are out on the road for those who want some henna put on. We decided to take a trip this year to see what the fuss was all about. 

First we headed off to Alum Rock Road: it was pretty dead so we left and made our way to Ladypool Road; and boy this was where the party was at! Traffic jams for ages, no parking spaces, crowds and crowds of people, mehendi stalls outside every shop and dholl players. 

All the boys from the hood were out in their flashy cars, driving at 2 mph playing songs.......which I am sure was very entertaining for them :D 

Chand Raat Ladypool Road Birmingham
Chand Raat Ladypool Road Birmingham

We got given free Mithai from Imran's Restaurant which was very nice of them as they were just handing them out for free to the passerby. 
Mithai Imran's Ladypool Road

Nigar and Nuzhah got Mehendi/ Henna done by one of the many artists on the road. 

Mehendi/ Henna on Chand Raat Ladypool Road Birmingham
Mehendi/ Henna on Ladypool Road

Mehendi/ Henna on Chand Raat Ladypool Road Birmingham, Illamasqua Unnatural
Mehendi/ Henna on Ladypool Road. Nigar has Illamasqua Unnatural on her nails.
Overall it made for a lovely evening/night out and it was definitely an experience. Do any of you guys visit the "Chand Raat" nights? 


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