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DIY Face Masks: Neem Mask

This is hands down my ultimate face mask. EVER. Keeps my skin clear, makes it glow, removes blemishes, and  fades scars. What more can one ask of a face mask? It contains turmeric and neem; both of which have powerful antibacterial properties. If you live in the UK neem powder is readily available from Asda/Tesco (in the face wash/ toiletries section, or online from Amazon, but it is cheaper instore), if you are from South Asia then you can use freshly crushes neem leaves and from the US it's readily available on Amazon
I really don't get along with the "besan" mask that's popular from South East Asia, I don't like besan/chickpea flour/ garbanzo flour on my skin and don't feel like it does anything so I made my own based upon that.
This mask has tendency to stain your face so I would not try this on the day of an event and if it does stain rub some almond/olive/coconut oil on your face with a cotton pad and it should come right off. If any of you have ever had neem juice you know how disgusting it tastes and if you get this mask on your lips do not lick it as it tastes FOUL. Neem is just so bitter, but applied topically it does wonders for one's skin.

1 tablespoon Yoghurt
1 teaspoon Turmeric
1 teaspoon Neem powder/ crushed leaves 
1 teaspoon Honey
A bowl and a spoon 

DIY Neem and turmeric mask for blemish skin
Neem Mask Ingredients 

DIY Neem and turmeric mask for blemish skin
Neem Mask Preparation

1. Add all ingredients in a bowl

2. Mix well

3. Apply to washed face with hands

4. Leave for about 20-30 mins 
(Go find some kids to scare in the meantime lol, works like a treat)

5. Wash and apply moisturiser as usual 

This makes enough for 2 uses/2 faces

I don't understand people who apply face masks with a brush, what are you doing with your hands that they're so dirty that you can't touch your face with it?! 

*FYI: Do not do this if you're allergic to any of the ingredients, and store any left overs in the fridge.  Do a test patch if you're unsure.


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