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Job Seeking: Taking my Twesumé one step further: The Prezumé

Hey guys. I am healing slowly, and while I feel so much better inside, I am still partially visually impaired. I am still going through a course of ocular antibiotics, and will hopefully be able to see again soon. After a week of being an ill person with bad hair and being separated from my beloved computer, I had to come back on!

So, a few weeks ago I blogged about a new discovery I had made. The Twesumé

I had posted mine up at the point and had gone one step further, and made my own Prezumé

The world has evolved, as has the way we all communicate with each other. I've always hated boring CV's, and even my traditional CV is jazzed up. Here is a snippet of it:

When I first heard of twesumé's it got me curious, and I delved further into non-traditional methods of presenting one's CV. There were so many! Now, the fields that these people belonged to were mostly creative ones, and I know there are a few fields out there that prefer borings ones. 

I wish to work in marketing/PR in a creative business, so I think I can go crazy!

So what is a Prezumé?

This is a CV that is presented on the online presentation website Prezi
I first discovered Prezi during university when my Retail Business lecturer used it to present our lectures. It's a step up from Microsoft Powerpoint and something which I personally love, and rave about. 

This is mine, and is something I have to say I am extremely proud about. I have kept it very kitch and cute, but clean as well. There are many others that I think are just excellent. 

I incorporated my Prezumé into my Twesumé as such:

@CarveConsulting Hardworking, Social Media Savvy, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Open to new experiences, #GameChanger

It must have been good as I got through to the next part of the selection process! Wish me luck guys, as I need this job! 

Another reason why Prezi is amazing? Because when they saw my Twesumé that contained my Prezumé, they retweeted it saying it was 'another perfect Prezumé' and wished me good luck. As sad as it is, getting this tweet from them made my day. They also @'d the businesses twitter to the tweet for extra oomph! Thanks a lot Prezi!

Is anyone else looking for industrial year placements? 
Why don't you think about expanding the platforms you use to market yourself!
Hope my Prezumé inspires you guys, be creative and good luck with your job seeking!

Much Love,

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