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Kayennat's Current Loves: July

Loving Right Now (Beauty and Skincare)...

Ramadan started a couple of weeks ago 3 weeks ago and I have super bad hayfever this year (along with all other hayfever sufferers out there; I feel your pain sister) so it's been a virtually make-up free month.

Face Masks to keep my skin calm and soothed due to evil hayfever

Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar
 (this is a constant repurchase, absolutely love this product)
Dr Bronner's Lip Balms
(another love and at £2.70 each is a bargain, considering how amazing they are)

The Body Shop Grapefruit Body Spray

(I have the 750 ml size with a pump, but can't find it online)

I LOVE THE GRAPEFRUIT SMELL: Also love the pink grapefruit beautifying oil

Lush Full of Grace, Dr Bronner's Magic Lip Balm, Body Shop Pink Grapefruit

Other Loves...
Loved oily fried samosas/pakoras/bhujias/kebabs for the 2 weeks then I got sick of it all
Being make up free (so liberating)
Being told you're beautiful when you look and feel like a tramp (awesome husband!)
I am gagging on how iky this is. love, nigar
The weather is gorgeous; can't really enjoy it until Ramadan is over by which point I would bet that the weather will revert back to miserable and cold as soon as it's the last day of Ramadan. I predict RAIN for Eid :) 

British Clear Blue Sky
British Clear Blue Sky, Such a rarity

Summer Garden Gnome, Summer Garden Frog
Garden Residents 

Non- Loves...

When the fan blows hot air........ 
When you sweat from unmentionable places....enough said!

Current Book...

Not currently reading anything; been learning to crochet and it's mildly addictive 
I have downloaded Khaled Hosseini's "And The Mountains Echoed". His previous book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" is one of my favourite books and was just heartbreaking. I cried while reading it! So I am anticipating this to be another heartbreaking book. I did not read "The Kite Runner" as I watched the movie instead.

Current Song...

Haven't been listening to anything, crochet has taken over for the time being. Plus I typically only listen to music when I go out (on the mp3 player) and I haven't really gone out much. 

What have you guys been loving? 


  1. The book (The Kite Runner) is much better than the film. You might want to give it a read, but then again you know the whole plot!

  2. I loved your 'garden residents' :D So cute :D


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