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Makeup Review: Inglot Lipstick 408

While I was in London, Kayennat came to visit me and we went to Westfield White City. This is home to the only Inglot in England. Ok back up now, when did this second store open up! It wasn't there when we went to the store 4 weeks ago .. the woman in the store confirmed our annoyance at only having one store, and so did the leaflet! But ok, this is home to one of two stores in England (Not UK).

We picked up a few products each and this is one of them. I love my lipsticks, and the brighter, the better. This is a beautiful matte red colour. I have decided that matte is my fave kind if lipstick right now, even with my incredibly dry lips!

It costs £10 for one, which I think is a good price seeing as my Nars lipsticks are £18.50.

It is highly pigmented and has a decent lasting power. Now I found this to be more hydrating than the Mac matte lipstick, even though it still has the full matte look to it. It applies easily enough, but I found it easier to apply with a brush.

I really liked the packaging. Im fully a packaging person. If something looks good, I will want to buy it! The packaging is well made, and the lid closes tightly. So no makeup bag mishaps! 

This is available to buy online as well, here. However, the colour of 408 on the website and the colour of 408 in real life are very different. On the website it looks like a muted dusky pink. This is wrong Inglot. WRONG! I hate when websites do this. Whatever.

All in all, I love this lipstick, and would fully recommend it. Can't wait to try out their others.

Arrrr, matey! My left eye lid has become lazy due to the infection, and so, I will cover it with a pirate eye patch! 

Much love,


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