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Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (Update)

(Originally from August 2013)
I rarely use a top coat as when I do paint my nails its normally for a day and I don't expect my nail polish to last longer than 24 hours.  I decided the purchase Seche Vite as it was on sale on Amazon for £5.79 which is a bargain. I normally use the NYC In a New York Color Minute Grand Central Top Coat when I have glitter nails to smooth out the glitter and have smooth nails.

Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Initial thoughts: 
I applied Seche Vite to my nails and straight away it started "cooling": my nails felt cold . I felt it did dry my nails faster and my nail polish lasted 2 days without chipping, which for me is a big deal! I haven't used this product long enough to have an opinion on whether it's worth the hype or the money. I know for sure that I would not spend the £9.00 this product usually retails for. 

Nigar: She really likes this and has stated she would repurchase this even at the full price. It has prolonged her manicure and she has had a lot less chipping than she normally does. 

Seche Vite can be purchased in store and online for £9.00 from Boots and is currently on offer on Amazon for Amazon for £5.79

Do you guys prefer using a top coat? What is your favourite? 

So I, Nigar, have gone through two bottles now, and thought it was time for an update. The latest bottle was bought at the end of January, and though not finished, it is very near the end of its usage. There gets to a point (around 1/3 to 1/4 of the product left) where its really difficult to get the product out of the bottle and am left scraping it off while turning the bottle round to get enough for one nail. 
Now this has lasted me a good 4 and a half months, and I do my nails a lot. So it's not a bad investment. Not at all, I love this shit. Can not imagine doing a manicure without it. But it is a downside. Not a major one. But we are here to provide details of both pros and cons! 
Even though I'm telling you to buy it. It will change your life!

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