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Nigar is still out of action; she has contact related keratitis and is in pain and has to apply a cocktail of drops every few hours.  I have just been a bit of a blob. That's about it really :) 

I have been shopping as I have a couple of weddings to attend and impatiently awaiting my deliveries from Utsav.  My items says 21 days to ship :( (Which I saw before placing my order so only my own fault here, just hoping they do ship before that as I don't have 21 days before the weddings).
My mother in law is also making me a custom made outfit for the wedding registry.

I made a trip to my favourite jewellery store (Chohan's on Ladypool Road, Birmingham) as my earrings has lost a stone and the lovely Imran fixed it for me and I also picked up a new pair for one of the wedding outfits. Imran has also agreed to let us come photograph his new collection when it arrives so keep an eye out for that (we're super excited about this).

If anyone has any requests for posts/suggestions please get in touch. We're open to new ideas. 

Here's a sneak peak at the earrings I got:

It's so hard to photograph jewellery! But hopefully you can see how sparkly they are. They are rather big but super light. I love emerald. Its the colour of the year and rightly so.

* Earrings purchased with own money, we're not being paid to mention the shop (in fact if you go through our previous posts you would know that we have mentioned them numerous times before). Thanks to Nuzhah for lending me her ear to photograph the earrings. 


  1. God !! Such beautifulllll jhumkas :D Took my breath away kayennat !!

    1. Thank you :) The shop has the same in gold and white which I might pick up as soon as it's back in stock :D

  2. Aww :) I bet that too gonna look gorgeous :)

  3. wow its so nice.


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