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Another day, another wedding

With this wedding, the wedding season comes to end. The next predicted one is now going to be next year August! So far away. This was one of my beh'noi's best friends wedding to this bonny lass, and they are such a sweet couple, may Allah bless them with all the happiness in the world. Congrats to Salman and Aliya! 

We were invited to two days of the wedding, the Nikkah & girls reception, and the Walima/boys reception. Going as part of the baraat we of course had to dress up! We all wore the same clothes as we did to Kayennat's wedding reception with the exception of Kay who wore this lengha. Her wedding lengha weighed over 11kg all together so can't really blame her for not wearing it. I realised now that I never posted up the third part of K&K's wedding post so I will be doing that next! 

The walima was a more toned down affair for us and we all wore simple saris. Nuzhah was in London for this and so missed out the fun!

Started off with earrings ..
 They hurt so I had to take them off :(

The brides gorgeous handbag, Kays jhumka's, and the absolutely beautiful backdrop for the stage.

My beh'noi, Me and Aatif | Kay, me and Mommy
Masaba camera print saree 
 Kay's accessories: antique choker, mustache earrings, and engagement ring. (where is the wedding band ..)
Masaba camera print saree
Kayennat wearing her camera print saree. This is masaba inspired and bought from Utsav.  
Masaba camera print saree
Masaba camera print saree
masaba yellow print saree
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Still having to wear glasses .. sigh. But I am still allowed to take them off for pictures! 
My accessories: Royal blue belly bar, golden Primark clutch, matching bangles, and a dewy face with Mac's So Chaud Matte Lipstick.
masaba yellow print saree

masaba yellow print saree
My saree is also from Utsav, and I think its masaba inspired. We adore everything she makes!

I love both of our sari's and we got so many compliments! I also have the camera print sari but my palu is the printed bit and the border is yellow. 

Buy here:

Much love,

Disclaimer: Everything was bought with our own money and are our own opinions. 


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