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Kayennat's and Khizer's Wedding: The Reception (3)

So here we go, finally, the last part of K&K's wedding!
I have tried to put the pictures in chronological order.
Enjoy  :)

 Inspecting the favours
Haha, own paparazzi! 
Homemade cake, made by the bride!

Failed speech.
Yet she loves me
Me and our beautiful mommy
Photobooth fun!
 Part of the homemade desert platter

 Khizer, Nuzhah, her sister and some of our friends did a dance for the wedding! Which was amazing seeing as it was done at 2am the night before in the marquee at the back of the house!
Our new Family
 How perfectly colour coordinated is this picture! The whole family, my bhai, bhabi, and their two kids were just adorable in the same colour palette. 
I ended up taking my maang-tikka off while dancing cause I'm weak! 
Beh'noi, me and Kay!
Our beautiful photographer Georgie! 
Bouquet throw! Caught by the best man
 The love between them all in one picture

I truly from the bottom of my heart thank Chaz and Georgie for these amazing pictures. They not only captured the basic set of asian pictures of the bride and groom on the stage with their guests, but captured the essence of the wedding. Those beautiful simple moments. Those pictures that you can look back on and laugh. I fully recommend!! 

I hope you enjoyed the journey of Kayennat's and Khizers wedding. This wedding of two cultures coming together and not having any problems was an amazing one. Hopefully I also have a wedding as amazing as this one! Here's wishing!

Much love, 


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