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August came and went and in reality I can barely remember the month so I guess in that regards there were no new loves :) 

For those of you in the UK, how drastically has the weather changed! I think we might be skipping Autumn and moving straight onto winter. While cleaning up in the summer I was confused as to why I have so many pairs of extra chunky socks. Fear not for the change in weather has reminded me why! 

A small selection of my socks 

This is one of my most used and older pairs as you can see. It even comes with cow bells that makes a sound as you walk. I really like them as they annoy people around :) One of the cow bells have fallen off this unfortunately but I can confirm the remaining bell makes sufficient noise in my opinion. 

I did try a new lipstick in August which is out of my comfort zone and kinda liked it. It's Bobbi Brown Orange (see it on Nigar here), which is a very Deepika-esque colour. 
Bobbi Brown Orange Lipstick swatch
Bobbi Brown Orange Lip Color 
The Bobbi Brown lipsticks (or Lipcolor as they are officially called) are my favourite lipsticks and are super pigmented and longish lasting. They can be a bit on the drying side but nothing that some lip balm beforehand won't sort out. Once they wear off they do leave a stain behind which I really like as I don't feel the need to constantly reapply. 

I have been away on placement and Nigar and Nuzhah have been busy painting the living room and they have done a fab job. 

 For those of you who wondered if I take supplements for my hair, I don't specifically take a hair supplement but I have taken Biotin and Omega 3 fish oils for years. I can't actually say whether they make a difference or not and to be honest I don't actually remember why and when I started taking them. The biotin I started after a really short hair cut which I hated (I asked for the Preity Zinta haircut in Salaam Namaste and of course it did not suit me). 
 If I can find a picture I will upload! 

Non Loves: 

Nuzhah might have to leave us and go back to our home country which is very sad for us as we've grown very close for the past four years we've known her and we're suuper fond of her even with her OCD (she likes to arrange washed spoons/forks/knives in a specific way and my mum actually approves lol). It was her birthday last week and it might be the last one we have together. 

Do you guys find that sometimes nothing catches your attention and sometimes you are in awe of anything and everything. 

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