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University Checklist

Moving away to uni this year? Well done for getting! And good luck for the next few years.This post is a guide to what you need to take to uni with you. 

I've gone through the moving process twice already and know how stressful it is! First of all try and find out what kind of space you have. This is essential so you don't take too much and cause clutter in an already tiny space. I've gone through both tiny spaces and large spaces for my rooms. Both shared flats, and studio apartments. If you have not physically gone to see your room try and find pictures, or phone up the building to see if they can guide you. 

I know sometimes when you have no choice about the room you get, be in because you went through clearing, like I did for first year, or you left it too late, like I did for third year. The high majority of first years will go into halls, where it is shared flats. Lets just hope it's also en-suite. So lets get started!

The Bedroom Area

This is the room you'll be spending most of your time in, so make it your own. Pictures, decor, a plant, will all help to make it your own. 

For your bed

-> Bedding (Duvets, pillows, covers, bed sheet)
            -Even though I had a single bed, I still had king size duvet, keeps the bed so so so comfy, and super warm in the winter. 
-> Cushions
-> Throw/Blanket

For your wardrobe 

-> Hangers
-> Organisation boxes 

For your desk
-> Laptop/desktop
-> Mouse for laptop
-> Printer
-> Multi-plug
-> Lamp
-> Ethernet cable
-> Wireless router
-> Speakers
-> A type of folder organiser or letter holder 
-> Pen pot
            -Should take, pens, pencils, colouring pencils, ruler, sharpener, rubber, scissors, blue tack, Sellotape
-> Pins for the pin board


-> Hot water bottle
-> Teddy Bears
            -Yes, Im still a 5 year old at heart.
-> Alarm Clock
-> Lamb
-> Fan
-> Pictures & Frames
-> Coat stand
             - Trust me. This came in so handy. Its not clever putting your coats into an already small wardrobe, and if they're wet, it keeps the clothes in the wardrobe clean and dry. 
-> Extra storage unit 
            - I had a plastic on that I kept privates, socks and belts in, as there was no extra space for these in the wardrobe or bedroom area.
-> Random stuff that will make your room your own
            - I took with me a few wooden birds, some dangling hearts, candles, dream catcher, sweets, coasters, star filled jars, pebbles that I collected from Isle of White and then painted faces on. Anything really, that will make it feel like home. 

The girly things

-> Bangle stand
             - Great for bangles, bracelets and rings.
-> A storage unit, bag, basket for makeup, skin care, etc. 
-> A table mirror, or two
-> A cake stand  
             - Great way to store jewellery

The Bathroom

You may have your own, you may have to share. Either way, you need to make an effort here!

-> Storage tower
-> Toiletries
              - Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash,                       face wash, etc.
-> Toilet paper
-> Toilet cleaner
-> Toilet brush
-> Towels 
              - Body, hand, face towels 

The Kitchen

Again, you might share, or have your own. If you are sharing with other people, try to get into contact with them, and see if you can sort out between you who is bringing the kettle and toaster. There is no point having more than one in the flat, so no point wasting your money buying it. 

-> Kettle
-> Toaster
-> Cutlery 
-> Crockery 
-> Can opened
-> Pots, Pans 
-> Glasses
-> Mugs
-> Knives 
-> Chopping board
-> Cheese Grater
-> Peeler
-> Spatula 
-> Potato masher  (mash addict! )
-> Peeler
-> Sieve
-> Microwaveable bowl
-> Tea Towels
-> Kitchen paper
-> Washing up stuff
-> Oven glove
-> Tupperware 
-> Cling film
-> Tin foil

I know I took a while to gather all my stuff for uni, and do remember, you will have to use them for three/four years and maybe even take them home. So buy good quality stuff that is easy to store! Our shed is full of three peoples uni stuff. 

Also. Don't try to buy everything in one go. It will come up to a ridiculous amount!
Hope this comes in helpful, and good luck!

Much love,

This is my room first year. I was living in halls and had an en suite  As was all the rooms in this specific halls. Did have to share a kitchen though.

This is my room in second year. I had a studio apartment. This was a private company that catered to students only. Loved this room.


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