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It has been raining all day and it pretty windy. Plus I have spent most of the day travelling on public transport so here is today's glamourous hair (or not). This is day 4 (for day 2 click here, and for day 3 click here).

day 4 hair, no wash hair, no poo hair, L'oreal Ever Riche Shampoo and Conditioner

A quick top knot which I've had to redo a few times as my buns don't stay on the top of my hair for long (I don't like tying my buns too tight as my scalp is pretty sensitive and I don't like the tugging), which takes I dunno 20 seconds to do so I don't mind redoing it as often as needed. 

The rain can ruin the best laid plans! So wash day will now have to be brought forward..... but I will do all to delay it! 

After a day battling the elements I finally took down the bun. Lo and Behold:

Most of the waves have gone but still evident in the ends. Not bad for a day in the rain. And see how there's no kink in my hair despite being in a bun all day? the power of the scrunchie!

My scalp is starting to feel (but not look) a little bit greasy and the rest of the hair is uber soft. Am thinking I'll probably wash my hair at some point on Saturday so tomorrow will be an oil day.


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