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Makeup Review: Inglot Primer

While at Inglot, I also picked up the Under Makeup Base/Primer. My Smashbox one had finished and I really didn't want to invest in another. I had been looking around for a while, and this was only £13! So I had to buy it. 

So here are my main points about this primer:
-> On the box it mentioned that this is a mattifying primer, but I have not really noticed anything in particular when applied. I do really like it though. 
-> It makes my makeup last all day and has decreased the amount of shine that appears during the day. (this is probably where the mattifying bit comes into play)
-> This is not a summer primer. I used it during our month long heat wave and did not like it one bit. Maybe cause I was sweating during the day, but all factors must be taken into account. When worn in the recent cooler weeks I love it!
-> It takes a few minutes to absorb well and be dry as to apply foundation on top.
-> It feels a bit oily when applied but dries to a smooth finish.

I would totally buy this primer again as it does all I expect and for a decent price. 

Hope you found this useful!

Much love, 


  1. I haven't given Inglot shot yet. This looks promising, though!

  2. Great information


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