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I hate the transitional period between summer and winter that is known as Autumn when it comes to dressing. You never know how to dress! Especially in England, where there's no telling what the weather will be like. Its been cold lately, winter weather cold. So I paired my standard skinny jeans with a chunky oversized knit jumper with mid calf boots. I wore a top underneath so that if it got too warm in lectures I could take it off.  

I love love love my new bag from H&M as it is basically everything I want and need in a bag. Its big, fits all the stuff I need, and don't need, it's structured, has two handles, and a shoulder strap that is not adjustable, but for me, it's the perfect length. It has a front pocket for keys and phone, and three compartments in side. Perfect much! I guess the only thing I would want different is the colour. I'm not normally a black bag carrier but one has to make exceptions. 

I love armor rings, and have a few. Atm I can only locate one, which thankfully is my oldest and favourite anyway. I paired it with what I call my handcuff rings. Its two rings, joined by a chain, voila, handcuff!

Might as well talk about hair with all of Kay's posts lately. Mine is third day hair, and I'm not as amazing as Kay, so I have to wash my hair more :)
I do however re-curl when my curls fall out, which is doesn't, and I've applied Batiste dry shampoo to last me through the day. And Kay's right. It it near damn impossible to photograph ones hair! From the back it just was not working. You'll have to deal with my face in the picture :)

 Jumper: Boohoo | Jeans: H&M | Boots: New Look (old)
Bag: H&M | Rings: Asos (old) | Necklace: Forever 21

I always go for a healthy dewy skin look, and today I added a winged out cat liner and Bobbi Brown's Lipstick in orange. 
I have realised that when I smile, I tend to raise my right eyebrow. Lovely.

Hope you guys have a lovely day!


  1. you look beautiful, you have gorgeous hair

  2. Very wearable and at the same time chic look...totally my resemble Diana Penty a lot



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