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We haven't done a weekend post for a little while (life gets in the way sometimes and honestly September and October have been so busy for me, but things have finally calmed down now) and this quote is a great one. I am personally not a worrier but I know many people who are and this goes out to all of them.

don't think too much, worrier, don't wory

Are you a worier? Do you get "stressed" about things that are beyond your control?
Take a deep breath and let it go, If you can't directly change something then why waste your energy, effort and piece peace of mind thinking about it constantly?

Have a great weekend everyone :) 


  1. I think you meant 'peace' of mind, Kayennat! Haha
    And I do tend to think too much about a lot of irrelevant stuff! Been trying to train my mind to not think too much. So, thanks for the quote!

    1. LOL, thank you :) it was late at night and clearly my brain wasn't functioning. Edited now.

  2. Thanks for sharing


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