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Loving Right Now (Beauty and Skincare)...

Mac Paintpot in Quite Natural 
(perfect everyday colour for my skin tone)
Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Caramel 
(where have you been all my life!)
Face Oils

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Other Loves...

(As I write this post my Yankee Candle has finished) 
Raincoats (saves me from the daily rain I face in Wales)
Hot water bottles (one of the many materialistic loves of my life)
Green Tea Chai 
Socks (I have ridiculously cold feet when weather is cold and the cold gets into my bones and then my legs hurt like crazy)

Non- Loves...

A lot of the blogs I read has suddenly turned into a "click to read more" format, which annoys me! I understand and can appreciate the reasoning behind those decisions but as a reader it really really annoys me.
On the topic of blogs I have come to realise that you can pay other *popular* blogs to advertise your little blog............ (speechless).

The rain; I love rain, and I love winter, but not together! 
Current Book...

Just finished about 5 weeks in the past month, 4 of which were great and the remaining 1 was err confusing to say the least? I read it but understood nothing.

Currently looking for a new book to read, any recommendations? 

Current Song...

Jabse Dekhi hai from Bol Bachan

Current Shows...

It's Autumn and that means all the American shows are back! I have been really enjoying Arrow at the moment; a few omg moments.

Greys Anatomy is awesome (I have realised that I've been watching this show for 10 years now...)

and the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special was a huge disappointment; it felt like it was a long trailer for Ravenswood.

I am really liking Witches of East Side ( perfect replacement for Charmed: one of mine, Nigars, and Nuzhah's all time favourite shows)


  1. Hi, Kayennat!

    Who doesn't love a hot water bottle on a cold day!
    Also, just noticed that the 'read more' format annoys you. I have just switched on to that format and think that it gives readers the option to decide which post would they like to read, instead of having it all (or say 5 posts) on a single page.
    Books- well, I bought Inferno a couple of months ago but haven't really gotten down to reading it. But I think you can grab a copy if you like Dan Brown's style of writing.
    And I totally agree with you on PLL Halloween Special- just so bleaah!

    1. I see the point of the "read more" format but when I am on blogs I like reading/skimming through everything on the page and the constant click to read and going back annoys me so much :D I know a lot of people do prefer to click to read what interests them, am just nosy I guess?
      I have read everything of Dan Brown's, While he's not a brilliant writer I do enjoy his books. I didn't buy Inferno as it was too expensive and I really don't think he's worth full price.....

  2. Thanks for sharing


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