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We are now in Winter in the UK and that means it's still dark for a lot of us at 7/8 in the morning. The dark weather makes it that much harder to get out of bed so I find myself snoozing my alarm for as long as possible. This of course leaves me with less time to get ready in the morning but I'll take the extra time in bed any day thank you very much. 

Instead of filling in my eyebrows with a pencil as I usually do, I've been using a tinted brow gel which gives me about a minute more to spend in bed. Doesn't sound like a lot but it makes all the difference when it's cold and dark and you just want to stay under the duvet.
Maybelline Brow Drama in dark brown
This tinted brow gel (or sculpting brow mascara as it's called) comes in 3 colours in the UK (deep blonde, medium brown and dark brown). In  fact as far as I know this is the only tinted brow gel in the market in the high street/drugstore in the UK. The colour dark brown is a cool toned brown (great for me) and for lighter haired girls, medium brown is a great warm brown toned colour. 

 The brush makes it super easy and precise to apply. It's pigmented enough to make a difference and dries to a soft and natural looking finish. It's pretty hard to overdo it with the brush as it loads an adequate amount of product. It doesn't dry crispy and keeps my brows looking well groomed all day. 

It costs £4.99 for7.6 ml of product and can be picked up from Boots, Superdrug or FeelUnique (free worldwide delivery)


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