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I had gone out for a quick meal earlier and thought I might as well post some pictures. I couldn't make up my mind whether to wash my hair or not and evetually decided to but by then there was no time to oil my hair. So I washed and conditioned and used a spray mask, which left my hair feeling super soft and hydrated. 

The L'oreal Ever Riche Perfect Eixir mask is a spray on mash for hair that has been shampooed and contioned. You then spray the mask and leave it on for a few minuites and rinse out. Its realy easy and convenient to use and is surprinsingly effective. Definitely one to have for a quick hydration boost when you have little time.

I dried my hair and curled it using my GHD straighteners. I kept the makeup simple and fresh (the husband doesn't understand the concept of a smokey eye....)

Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation, No 7 bare lipstick
On the Lips No7 Bare
I wore a basic brown maxi dress and a cardigan, accessorised with earrings, a statement ring and plenty of bracelets.

desi outfit of the day

Sneak peak of our food which was super yummy:
Fargos Food Factory Birmingham

I am really not adventurous when it comes to food and eating out at new places. I tend to stick to what I know and always order the same food at the one restaurant I like. So this is my attempt at braching out to other places. The chips were cooked to perfection (not too soft, not too crispy), the pizza sauce was made of naga chilli paste so it was pretty spicy which tasted awesome. I realy hate it when you order "extra hot" food and it never comes to your table as "extra hot", the best it comes is mild..... But this pizza was pretty hot by the usual standards. If you're in the Birmingham (UK) area then do check out Fargo's Food Factory: they serve a whole host of food and not limited to one cuisine, and the food we had were great and would re-order the dishes. 


  1. Love your dress and the food, so yummy :)

  2. I love maxi dresses! They are super-easy to wear and make one look super-dressy! Nice outfit!

  3. Awesome post


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