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Christmas came and went so fast this year. Here's a little peak at our Christmas; 

The pile of presents got pretty big!

We opened our presents on Midnight on Christmas Eve. Mormon the rabbit (formally named Monkey) had the best present in my opinion. A cardboard castle! it came flat packed and we had to build it but it was relatively easy and he seems to be enjoying it very much. 

One of my gifts was a Minion, which I love, and he quickly hijacked the castle and started doing various poses:

Lunch/Dinner was roast potatoes, chicken, vegetables and Yorkshire Puddings: 

Followed by some Pina Colada:  Such a lovely drink, if you have a  Marks and Spencers near you then grab some, 

and cake as made by Nigar (almond cake with buttercream frosting)

Flower arrangement by Nigar
Indian ombre hair, dark hair ombre, pakistani ombre hair
Nigar taking selfies 
I wasn't very photogenic that day so not sharing a picture of me but you can see what I wore: A Coca Cola top with a statement necklace and black jeggings. After all what is more festive than COCA COLA! As you can see my ideas to get Christmas jumpers failed as there was none by the time I got around to going shopping for them. 

Hope you all had a great time.
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