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So there isn't much I am proud of about myself. Not to say I hate anything, anything but. I think I'm quite fab to be honest with you (one must love themselves before they can expect anyone else to). But the one thing I am proud of is my hair. I get many compliments, and quite a few from our readers, which I am so grateful for! It definitely goes to my head, literally. I love spending time with on my hair to make it look the way I want to, and hate being rushed. So this is my part two of my hair diaries!

So after the first time Kay ombre'd my hair it looked like this:
It turned out lovely, but I felt it only looked nice curled. Also, the brassiness of it bugged me so much. I wanted blonde, not brown. So we decided to ombre it again, this time capturing the process. 

These were the tools we used. The L'Oreal Preference Absolute Platinum in Extreme Platinum, one of the dye brushes we got from a previous dye kit, and some foil sheets. 

So this is how my hair looked before we started. 

Kay got each section, coloured up to the point we wanted, then wrapped that but up in foil. We made sure not to get the undyed hair wrapped into the foil as to not transfer the dye across. The last picture is how the hair looked before I washed it. You can see the difference! 

 So this is how the hair looked like over the months. From the second time dying it to the last photo there was around 4 and a half months in between. You can see there is a difference in the colour, minus that last one where it goes back to looking brassy! Thats because my hair is temperamental to light when photographing. In real life it was very blonde. 

This is me after a trim! I got a very slight trim just before I coloured my hair again. I decided I didn't like how the colour just started at a certain level. So I showed Kay a video of Guy Tang doing the balayage highlights technique, and after seeing it she became an expert! Haha! We didn't photograph it, but you can view it in the video linked at 2.13 how he does it. 

So here is how my hair looks now. This how my hair looks after just using a hair dryer to dry it and a nights sleep.

Thats it for this post guys, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day!

Next time: How I combat brassiness! 


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