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(Click here for Kayennat's hair diary) This past year has been an journey for my hair! Well, my hair's always going through something, different colours, different cuts, different styles. I've been black, purple, red, ginger (consequence of going red), many shades of brown. I get bored of my hair quite easily and since we dye our hair at home, I don't feel bad about spending a huge amount changing my hair colour. 

This past year has been dedicated to being ombre. And this is a look I love, so I don't see myself leaving ombre anytime soon. The journey I guess has been the process so get the right colour and shade of blonde. I will go through the process after a quick montage of the past colours/cuts/styles I could find on my hard drive. Nothing pre-2008 though as I cannot bring myself to share though photos.

 So here we have days where I was "red". I was never bright red, and for the colour to show there had to be lots of sun or a flash. I also had a straight fringe at one point which I loved!

 Here we have when I went short and got a Lob, basically an asymmetrical bob. This was a drastic change for me, and I had random people in college come up to me asking where my hair had gone! They said it was nice after the shock. This was a much needed change for me and it cleared away all my split ends!

After my initial cut I never kept it short, and grew it long again, which took about 2 and a half years to get to the last picture. In between of course my hair colour changed. I can't give colours because I never kept a record but this is it. 

Winter 2012/2013
This brings us to Christmas 2012. This is around the time I first ombre'd my hair. It wasn't as high contrast as it is now, but you can see the colour difference in the front hair of the second picture. I used the L'oreal Feria Wild Ombre Kit.

First half of 2013
So around April of 2013 I decided I had enough of ginger ends (as that is the colour it basically was due to the red undertones of my hair) and I dyed my hair dark brown. Here are the before and afters. 
Now due to the fact that I had lighter hair underneath, and the way that hair just works, the dye washed off eventually and the lighter bits shone through. I liked the effect though so it wasn't a huge thing for me.

June/July 2013
This is how the hair turned out after a few months. You can see how the red tones insist of showing! Now, when I was a redhead, I loved that. Now however, not so much. So I decided to back to being ombre! And I eventually discovered purple shampoo, but more on that in a bit. 

So this is how it turned out after the first time using L'Oreal Preference Absolute Platinum in extreme platinum. For me, after the first time it only looked nice when it was curled. And it was still not the shade I wanted it to be. Now I was in London for that month so we had to wait till I was back home before we could finish off the process. 
The hair dye did kill my ends. It split like no tomorrow. So at least the wait allowed it to just recover a little. Oil has helped as well over time, which is something everyone in this house swears by!

Hope you guys have a lovely day!


  1. You both have such amazing hair, it's crazy. I want an ombre too!

  2. LOved each and every hair style and just wow!! I loved the ombre hair, suits you zillion times!!

  3. Does colouring had ever a greying affect. Is so much of colouring safe? Which company's colour is safe n good for hair .

    1. Hey Nisha, Colouring is chemically altering your hair and I guess too much of it could potentialy be unsafe? It is important to follow the instructions well and do the patch test everytime you intend to dye your hair. We tend to stick to L'oreal Hair dyes because it's the ones we have the best results with (but we have used Garnier, Schwarzkopf, Herbal Essences and others), I think it's best to stick to reputable known companies when choosing hair dyes. And about the greying affect: I couldn't find any "scientific evidence" that colouring causes grey hairs. I know its a popular opinion but I really can't find any evidence for it :) Hope that helps!

  4. you look so pretty in the 2008-09 pics! Very beautiful! :) :D

  5. You are blessed, so beautiful hair. It takes courage to experiment with hair, hats off :P

    1. Thank you :)
      You should totally experiment! Its so much fun!

  6. Wow. :O You have beautiful hair, and you experiment! I do have long hair but I love it so much that the mere thought of getting it coloured makes me cringe. I'm afraid to experiment. :( Btw, I particularly like the fringes. And I LOVE the curls in the first picture of the fourth collage!

    1. Take the plunge and do it! end of the day it's only hair, and hair GROWS :) POSITIVITY

    2. Thank you :)
      And if you really want to do something then do it! The trick is to know what you want for your final product, and work towards that!

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