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Nails of the Day | Featuring Barry M's Foil Effects in Gold

So Christmas is in the air and is there a more festive colour than gold? No, of course not! 
Im not usually one for such a colour on my nails, especially all of them. Normally if I wear a gold or glitter its just on one accent nail. But I wondered what it would be like on all of them, and I surprisingly like it. I picked this up on a trip to Boots lately, where I picked up a few new products, which I am still trying or waiting to try. 

This polish only required one layer, it was very opaque and hence would last longer. However, I did to two layers because my nails are ikky and bumpy. I also tried it with two top coats, the Rimmel Pro Matte Finish and the Seche Vite. I ended up choosing the matte one for all my nails, as the polish has specks of glitter in, and I am not usually one for glitter nailpolishes. I normally have either glitter tips or an accent nail. 


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