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Nigar's Current Loves | November

Been a while since I've done one of these!

Loving Right Now (Beauty and Skincare)...
Bourjois: Happy Light Matte Serum Primer
Viktor and Rolf: Flowerbomb perfume 

Other Loves...
My new Orchid! It’s going strong!
Yankee Candle: Salted Caramel
 Autumn leaves! As long as it hasn't rained.
Costa Coffee's White Hot Chocolate with Cream! I love this. But it seems it's not a drink for everyone. Which is weird cause if anything I shouldn't like is cause its mainly milk and Nigar hates milk.

Non- Loves...
The walk to uni .. I am literally having a heat stroke by the time I get to uni. And because it is cold outside I have to layer up! Bad times.
Dry lips ..
Dry skin ..
Deadlines coming up :(

Current Book...
I am so caught up with doing work that I just haven’t been reading!
I’m intending on catching up on a few books over the holidays though!

Current Song...
So keeping up with hype of RamLeela, I am loving Ang laga de right now. It’s my most played song from the movie.
On that note, how visually stunning was this movie! Even if you didn’t like the movie itself, it was very visually appealing and well made.

I am also loving Lana Del Ray right now. Dark Paradise is going to be a long time favourite I think. 

Current Shows...

(Long List)
Once Upon a Time
Witches of East End
How I Met Your Mother
Hart of Dixie
The Originals
Downton Abbey (Catching up)
Vampire Diaries
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 

Wow. Now I know why I'm stressing about my deadlines.

How about you guys? Got any shows to add to my list? 
Also, what is your favourite Candle Scent for Winter? I feel like trying new scents!


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