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I love Christmas, It's one of my favourite times of the year. Our Christmas tree is up and ready to go! Now need to add lots of presents underneath it :) 

This tree is a bit skinny, we've had it for a couple of years but it was practically free so ho ho ho. Planning on purchasing a fatter tree this new year in the sale for next year's celebrations. I really want a snow covered tree! 

I was all excited to make a gingerbread house for Christmas but then I came across this on Martha Stewart's website I have changed my mind. A whole Christmas village! How frikking adorable are they?

Biscuit Cottages via Martha Stewart 
Also planning on making these with strawberries: they look super quick to make but oh so effective. 

The strawberry snowman via Pinterest and the brownie strawberry snowman via Pinterest
I had made these snowman last year and they were so cute to look at. They were made out of marshmallows, candy cane, sweets and cocktail sticks. 

Things to do: 
  • Buy Christmas Jumpers (or Christmas outfits, I really wanted everyone to do Christmas onesies last year but most of the family didn't agree to wear it; party poopers!)
  • Buy presents!
  • Decide on a Christmas menu? (We hate turkey, I don't eat lamb/beef. The universally agreed "non veg" item in our house is chicken, so it'll be a roast chicken of some sort with roast potatoes and veggies)
  • Grab desserts; We normally bake and make everything but I saw some of the nicest looking desserts in Marks and Spencers that I wanna try out. I went to grab the desserts today and half the packet was not vegetarian. So annoyed. I settled for a New York style vanilla cheesecake instead.
  • Get Yorkshire Puddings. Last year we left it too late and there was only 1 bag left, which is just not enough. They are so damn morish!
  • Crackers: Bought, we ended up with none last year as they had sold out!
  • Try mince pies. We have lived in this country for 17+ years and havent once tried mince pies. So I picked some up today and we will be trying at some point. For the record, I hate sultanas, raisins, dry fruits of any kind which is probably why I have never tried them before.
  • Buy mum/hubby a present/presents. No idea what to get them. Any ideas?
How are your Christmas/holidays plans going along?

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