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I NEVER need moisturise my body (minus hands and feet) or use a body exfoliator and I don’t have dry skin. Why? Because I use a body brush on dry (i.e. not wet) skin. I have been doing this for a long time (I would say over 8+ years).

There are many “supposed” benefits to dry body brushing which includes:
·         Stimulation of lymphatic system
·         Promotion of elimination of toxins from the body
·         Strengthens immune system
·         Reduction of cellulite
·         Muscle toning
·         Exfoliation of skin
·         Increase cell renewal
·         Prevents premature aging
·         Smoother skin

How to dry body brush, benefits of dry body brushing

Now I can’t really comment on some of those benefits as I couldn’t actually find any evidence for them apart from word of mouth. If anyone knows of any studies that demonstrates any of the above benefits then please send us a link in the comments section.

What I can comment on is that dry body brushing definitely exfoliates the skin and gives smoother and softer skin. This is based on my personal experience. It’s not something I do every day (I am a *bit* lazy); most of the time it’s a weekly thing for me and that’s enough for me to observe some benefits. It takes about 5 minutes to do and can be done before your shower or before bedtime. You can always follow with moisturiser but I don’t need to.

How to body brush:

1. Grab your body brush and Remove clothing
2. Brush your skin starting from your legs.
3.Always go in an upward motion towards your heart ( this has something to do with the lymphatic system but I don’t really know the science behind it, but it’s what is recommended by majority of texts I had read on body brushing and it’s how I've always body brushed)
4.The exception to brush towards your heart is the upper back where you body brush downwards
5. See badly drawn illustration below for the direction of strokes movement
6. Enjoy softer, smoother, well exfoliated skin 

How to dry body brush, benefits of dry body brushing
Direction of strokes when body brushing 
Body Brushing can be a bit uncomfortable/slightly painful when first started so make sure you adjust the intensity of your strokes accordingly i.e. gentler strokes when you first start and then more vigorous as you get used to it. You can body brush your chest area but that's an area I avoid personally because I find it painful. Do not brush cut, burnt or otherwise damaged/exposed skin.  Skin can turn pink and that’s normal, however if you experience extreme pain/discomfort then please stop. You will literally see all the "dead" skin cells fall off when body brushing.

Any of you guys body brush? 
If not then maybe it's something you could look into to save you a whole bunch of monies otherwise wasted spent on trying to find that perfect body moisturiser/lotion and exfoliators. #justsaying 

Disclaimer: I do sometimes (rarely) moisturise my body and use an exfoliator but that’s purely because I enjoy it not because I need it.


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