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Pernia Qureshi at Paris Haute Couture Week

This girl is taking the Indian fashion world by storm! With her very own clothing website, recently released book, her own fashion line and styling top Bollywood actresses, this girl is on busy bee. I love her style, she's fierce, brave and pulls off anything. If you guys don't know her this is Pernia Qureshi, founder of, author of Be Stylish, and has styled the likes of Sonam Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandez. She was the mastermind behind Aisha, which, come on, was one of the freshest movies out in terms of fashion. She makes Indian designers accessible to everyone across the world, which is just amazing.

Now, she's been attending shows at Paris Haute Couture Week  this week, and my she was representing Indian fashion! All her outfits were by Indian designers, which I loved, seeing as most people normally end up going to shows with the designer in questions clothes (going to a Dior show wearing Dior, and so on). I have supplied the links to the items of clothing she wears as best as I can.

 Channel in Atsu Couture. I love how she went shopping in this sari around Paris as well. 
This has to be my favourite from what she wore.
Valentino in Tarun Tahiliani  &  Chanel FIne Jewellery Dinner in Tarun Tahiliani 
Gaultier in Pernia Qureshi  &  Dior in Amit Aggarwal

Isn't she fabulous ♥ 
Source: Pernia's Instagram Account 


  1. The sari is something, I must say. And she carries it pretty well. She looks gorgeous!

  2. What a traditional stylish look to reflect the elegant beauty.
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