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At home I have a round bed, which is totally cool. Like how many people do you know with a round bed! I had always wanted a round bed because they used to be featured so heavily in Bollywood movies from the 70's and 80's. Except mine doesn't rotate. I digress....

The point is I don't have a bedside table next to my lovely round bed because I can't fit one next to it ( i have awkward shaped walls). So I make full use of the bed side table at while at university. 

I try to keep it as uncluttered as possible as I tend to knock into it all the time while getting up for bathroom breaks at night and then things fall on the floor and then I have to pick them up. Much easier to keep less items on there! 

I love reading! and I totally don't understand people who don't like reading books......Have just finished reading the Temple of Gods by Andy McDermott in paperback and about to start The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez. I personally prefer reading real books but there's no doubt that the Kindle is a brilliant device. It's super lightweight, has long battery life, can store lots of books (up to 3000). Books on the e-device is sometimes much more expensive than a paperback though.

I always keep my glasses there and contact lenses case. I need corrective lenses and while I mainly wear contact lenses I keep the glasses by within grabbing distance as I stay in student accommodation and lovely drunk people like to set the fire alarm off in the early hours of the morning.

I don't particularly use any products just before bed so creams and potions are kept elsewhere. I  keep my eye drops and typically a lip balm there. Currently using  Blistex Relief Cream as the central heating is playing havocs with my skin and hair.

I wear my charm bracelet a lot when I am out and about. As it is mostly crystal charms I try and take it off when I get inside and store it safely. Good use for my glasses case! 

Currently burning Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie; my FAVOURITE candle scent. Except someone is cooking something pretty vile right now and even the candle smell isn't masking it very well :( 

There's also the obligatory lamp which I use to read at night. It's is a very used and much loved item! 

Do you have a bedside table? What are your bedside essentials? 


  1. Fun post, Kayennat! :)
    Your bedside table is much neater than mine. I think I'll do a post on this topic soonish! :)
    BTW, how's the book? I'm reading Inferno atm and sort of liking it.

    1. It's the only neat part of my room, I seem to be unable to live without all the mess I create......
      The book was really good, It's part of a series. If you like adventure/thriller type books you'd like it.
      And I still haven't read Inferno because it's still too expensive in my opinion, waiting for it to go on sale......

  2. Loved this post! :) The Little Coffee Shop sounds cool, will check that out. :)

    1. I'm about halfway through the book (44 % into the book according to the Kindle). It's very lighthearted and enjoyable so far :)

  3. I love your spectacles. :D They resemble Naina's from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani! ^_^ Mine are similar, but thinner. I'll go for a frame like yours when I lose/break my frame. :P

    1. I really don't like wearing small frames as they look really odd on me! Plus because I have big eyes I feel *blind* in small frames and need bigger ones. These are from the men's section in Specsavers!

  4. That looks cool. Earlier I had some trinkets and a musical box...but I left that back in my parent's house. Right now I have my moisturiser, hubby glass case, our iPads and a vanilla candle :)

    Guess I should work on a post for my blog...thanks for the idea!


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