The first thing I do when I get back to my flat is hang the keys on the coat rack. That way I know exactly where to find it the next morning. The amount of times I've been late because I couldn't find my keys is unbelievable. So that's a lesson well learnt :)

I prefer to eat my dinner/tea/supper/evening meal early in the evening that way by the time I get to sleep, my body's had a few hours to start the process of digestion and I don't feel so heavy. Today dinner was at 6.30 pm (I know that sounds really early but I found that my body deals with eating early better than a later meal). 
Today's meal= Leftover stir fried noodles (one of my most cooked "student meals" as it takes literally 5 minutes).

Veggie Stir Fried Noodles
Oil cleanse with a face cloth, use an exfoliating toner (every other day), add an oil (currently using walnut), use face roller to roll on face (sorry but that's the only way to describe it). I like doing this as soon as I'm in as it just allows the oil maximum time on my skin before I get into bed.

Apply lip balm,spray some Garnier oil on my feet and put on clean socks. Brew some herbal tea, make a hot water bottle and then relax. Currently loving chamomile tea. I alter between chamomile and green tea chai. I tend to catch up with dramas at this point, today I'm catching up with Ravenswood.

I don't actually sleep till quite late (have major sleep issues) so I do get hungry between now and actual sleeping. I've been quite healthy lately so I'll snack on fruits (orange, mandarin or apple, and sometimes all 3), seeds (really like pumpkin seeds) and nuts (pine and walnuts). Sometimes I have cucumber and hummus if I have some in the fridge. Right before bed I'll have some orange juice with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Ideally I would like to start my morning with that but I am always rushing in the morning. Apple cider vinegar is high in potassium and is rumoured to be great for your digestive tract (although am not sure how true that is, I've only recently started taking it). It does taste disgusting on its own by the way which is why I mix it with some unpasturised orange juice. 

My evening time fruit stash
orange juice with apple cider vinegar 
Pack my bag for the next day and decide on what to wear. This honestly saves me so much time in the morning and allows me time to sleep "5 minutes more". 

Meal prep for the next day; this is so important especially if you are trying to eat more healthy. I find that if I don't take my food with me then I end up having to buy food from the canteen (food that I don't even enjoy) which is pretty low on the nutrition scale.
 Tomorrow's day meal: Vegetarian sausages in wholewheat pitta with salad, and half a cucumber. Will buy some hummus on the way to eat the cucumber with. Also packed are some fruits and Brazil nuts.

I have just finished my 30 days squat challenge (see previous post) and I am planning on restarting it but with weights this time. In the meantime I am doing 100 squats daily plus a 2 minute 30 seconds wall squat.  Then I have the rest of the evening for uni work or for relaxing :) 

What are some of your evening routines? Do you have an evening routine or do you just "wing" it?
Off to squat guys....


  1. I dont have an evening routine per se but i damn well better get one because ime ating super unhealthy these days. Btw- loved your wedding pics :)

    1. You know the saying, "fail to plan, plan to fail". It is so much easier to stick to healthy eating when you have a routine I find.
      And thank you :)

  2. Kayennat, you are SO organised! I should probably take a leaf out of your book!
    I mean I have no such routine. I guess I just 'wing it'!

    What keeps you motivated to stay so organised?!

    1. I wish I was as organised with other parts of my life! I like having an evening routine because it helps me wind down and get in the relaxed frame of mind as I am a chronic insomniac; every little thing helps!

  3. Wow...Imust follow some routine...thx for sharing


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