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DIY | Bottle Light

This is a quick how to guide for the my bottle night light that I featured in my 'Whats on my Windowsill' post. Now this is a very simple but different way to decorate any room. Mine covers the length of the windowsill for a more symmetrical effect.

You'll need:
A bottle that you think looks nice
String fairy lights

The bottle I used is the Elie Saab Evian Bottle, which is soooooo pretty! I loved it, and think it's better used for decoration rather than a reusable bottle, of which I already have two in my fridge, so no point really. 

The lights I got were Warm white 40 LED battery powered lights. I got it from Amazon for £2.99, with free delivery! It was easier for me to get battery powered ones because my windowsill is not near any sockets, and I didn't want any wires dangling from one wall to the other. I can simply tuck the battery pack away, and voila! 
Also, make sure that they are small LED lights, because they need to fit into the bottle! I originally got some heart shaped ones from the Pound shop, and I thought that I would just remove the heart from the light, that did not go well! I ended up ripping the wire apart, and gone was my Pound. 

What to do:
Start by inserting the lights into the bottle. 
Keep pushing the lights down until you are happy with how much is out the bottle. If it gets stuck, then just give the bottle a shake, or use a stick (chopstick?) to push it down. Since I wanted the lights to cover the length of my windowsill, I made sure there was enough left over. You can see from the picture of my windowsill that there is a birdcage in the right hand corner, I've tucked the battery pack away into this so its out of sight. 

I know its not a particularly hard thing to do and didn't really need a 'How To' post, but it was more for giving ideas rather than teaching you how to do it. Anyway, I hope you find it useful!

Much love,


  1. This is cute! And you have a really pretty room -the bits I can see of it, that is. Haha.

    1. Thanks! It's my university room, so I'm defo going to do a room tour before I leave :) x

  2. looks soo cute n pretty...loved it ..<3
    pretty room n clicks

    my recent one :

  3. Love it! Even we've put little twinkling lights in used wine bottles! They make the room look so charming! There's no option of uploading a photo here, else I would have!

  4. That's cute! I love this blog...its giving me brilliant ideas!


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