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Ebay Finds | Typewriter Initial Necklace

I had an amazing initial necklace that I lost, and so began the search for a new one. 
Obviously eBay, was the first stop, and I came across this! 
The seller, missgeekay, has named these Vintage Typewriter Key Initial Necklace Quirky Retro, and they are so cute! They're bigger than I expected, but thats because I didn't read the description, oops! I like it though, its a nice size, not too small, not too big.
I got two, for now, one for me and one for my best friend. I did intend to get one for my mom and one for Kayennat, but for some reason I was only able to buy 2 at the time. These are handmade, and not kept in stock, so all you have to do is send the seller a message of the letters you want. I forgot to do this, and the lovely seller emailed me to ask within a day to ask me.
I ordered it on the 19th, emailed the seller with my letters on the 20th, weekend in between, and I recieved it on the 26th. So not bad really.

You Choose From Grey Or Black Background, Letters, Xoxo, And <3 span="">
Picture Is 20mm Diameter, Chain Is Approx 18" In Length
Also Available In Rings And Bracelets
Price: £3.49 with 79p delivery   

Newest everyday necklace? Yessss

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